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Style – Looking Good at 50+

Denim And Lace… And A Little Bit Of Bling!

  Denim and Lace… A trip down memory lane today girls…Who remembers the Marty Rhone’s song ‘Denim and Lace’…taking you right back to the TV show Countdown in 1975 – you can even take a  peek at the YouTube clip – Music and lyrics tap into our emotions, memories and experiences… it flips you…

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5 Ideas From Coco Chanel’s Spin On Femininity

pearls feminism and confidence

Even mentioning the word feminist can raise hackles…  are we talking about equality in  the workplace, reproductive rights and what is empowering to women. Or is it the ‘sugar and spice and all things nice’ angle?  Young feminists rage about old feminist who sniff that if it hadn’t been for their bra burning generation feminism…

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Why Women 50+ Are The New Black

Why? There has never been a better time to be 50+…a time to confidently embrace and enhance the style, spirit and succulence of aging. From talking to mature girls it is like it’s time, time for us…. we have raised our families, done our bit for the community, been or still doing the wife scenario…

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Comfort Zone…What Comfort Zone?

          Stepping out of your comfort zone… Does it take confidence? Does it take resilience? Or does it take ‘grunt?’   My take on Confidence is that it is the extraordinary energy in you that is attractive, strong, vibrant and engaging. You know it when you see it…and say ‘I want…

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Red, Red and more…Red!

  Did you know that red is the colour of confidence and sex appeal, strength and energy, Then just imagine what a touch of red lipstick and undies can do! Are you feeling a little down and wrung out at the moment? Are life’s challenges getting to you? Put on your big girl panties (red),…

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It’s Not All About The Horses…She Said With Confidence!

  Hello readers I have been flitting around lately and here I am back and feeling frivolous  today. And a tiny bit wicked…I do say the little horns you see are simply there to keep my halo straight! Indeed the Melbourne Cup is not all about the horses and I can say with confidence I…

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If Women Liked Their Bodies…How Many Industries Would That Affect?

  Last night I had dinner with a couple of girlfriends…and as you do we got talking.. bet that’s a surprise!  It was ‘focused’ talking, confidence talking actually…we are attending a ‘Great Gatsby Night’ next weekend so costume and accessories were the hot topic.   Then we got to…well yes it was ‘me’…saying I have…

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