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Di’s Words of Wisdom

Could it be called Future Wisdom?

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I Remember Being Told That…. Don’t touch a hot stove – well before I could reach the stove top How to keep a job… years before I applied for one Advice on marriage… years before I started dating The value of loving yourself …years before I understood what it meant That confidence was a gift….…

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No one NEEDS Toastmasters

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I am so often asked about Toastmasters, why I joined, why I stayed…especially now it is 40 years own the track. This is a great time for me to reflect on my personal journey, a time to remember how scary it was to walk in that room, how scary it was to stand and introduce myself and how scary it was to admit my confidence was at an all-time low which was affecting how I communicated and lived. 

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Have You Asked Someone Today… R U OK?

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    Ladies there times in life when life gets overwhelming, times when life seems to throw everything at you, times when you wonder will you through it. It might seem you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.     This is the time that you look after you with love and…

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5 Tips For Writing and Speaking Authentically

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      1. Speak and write in your own voice When I started to write and deliver speeches 40 years ago, I worried that what I had to say was not important, that no one would interested and set about copying the style of what I thought people wanted to hear. The result of…

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5 Proven Things To Be More Energised

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      Some days I wake up simply wanting more energy and wonder where mine had gone. They are usually the days I have not followed my own advice. Has that happened to you? Are you cringing and thinking ‘Yep, she is speaking to me’. And…did you know that there are energy stealers out…

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3 Tips to Avoid Absorbing Negative Emotions

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  Emotions do affect communication between people. We often absorb some of the emotions of the people we come in contact with and we may even experience a change in our own mood even if nothing has happened to us. You may even think what on earth happened that I suddenly feel drained of energy?…

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It Is Just NOT That Important

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  I was having coffee with a girlfriend recently we were talking and laughing about how we get upset over things that we think at the time are  important. Have you got things now that you look back on and think…why did I think that was important? We giggled, notice how good you feel when…

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