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Your Voice Matters

What Does Your Social Media Voice Say?

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Does it paint the world as rosy, rosy, rosy? Does it paint the world as blue, blue, blue? Are you somewhere in between? Or are you squirming quietly in your chair? Learning the art and surviving caravanning is part of my life right now. You know, you see pictures of people’s travels (that includes mine)…

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Ideas… where do you get your best ideas?

Ideas and challenges are like a bus, there will always be another one.  A phrase, image or paragraph I see is what sparks my thoughts. Today was no different. This morning I read my ‘stars for 2019’ in the local paper… it was very relevant and the soap analogy jumped right out at me.  …

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Generosity of Spirit

  Hi there, what pops into your mind when you think of generosity? This phrase has been floating around in my head recently and I felt the need to share my thoughts. Generosity is a quality, like honesty and patience. When you are showing generosity, you may give away money, goods, time, love or something…

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