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And so – it comes to pass – that all we ask for shall be granted.


I am delighted today to have an amazing and talented guest blogger… Jaki Mac, the Queen of Abundance. Thank you lovely lady for your contribution.

Jaki and I met through a Facebook group and a monkey survey. Don’t you just love connections! Now over to Jaki. 


Confidence, standing together, facing fears


 And so – it comes to pass  – that all we ask for shall be granted.    Oh, as if

Can you imagine how wonderful life would be if this really was the case?

Can you believe how easy it would be, to create a life of our own making, living a dream reality, having time for work, and play and fun?

What would the world be like if we just had the power to create it, 100% tailor made to our specifications?

Ah, can you just let your mind wander through that thought for just a moment? How cool would that be?

The simplicity of it all – the lack of struggles and stress –  the ability to travel – volunteer – work at what really sits at the core of your passion – whatever your heart desires.

Sounds way too good to be true??


What if I told you that every single facet of life as you know can be tailor made?

What if I assured you that everything is going to be okay – that we can make positive change in our lives purely by bringing it toward us.


About 10 years ago, I was a single Mother of 5 kids, struggling to make ends meet in a Coal Mining town in Central Queensland. The Boom hit, and the rented church owned house that we had called home for more than 10 years, was offered to the Mining Company for 10 times the amount of rent we paid. “Nothing personal, my dear, we just have a tremendous opportunity to create wealth”. And just like that, we were homeless – without $1800 a week to spare for rent.

The children and I lived in a tent in a friends backyard, my son was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and my world was a dark place to inhabit at that time.

I weighed over 140kg and made bad decisions in my choice of romantic partner.

I was sad, lonely, overweight, homeless and broke.

One night, I realised my choices were simple. I could sink, or I could swim.

I chose to swim. I wrote a list of what was needed in my life at that point of time.

I wanted a roof over our heads, I wanted to find a better paying job, I wanted healing for my son.


I asked for every single thing I could think of, and I got it. Seeing how I made the decision to swim, I might as well swim at the front.


I asked for a better job, more money, a car, a phone, a computer, housing allowance – all kinds of deals were made at each years performance review. And each year, the boss signed on that dotted line in agreeance.

This was amazing, so each year I wrote a new list, asking for more and more and more blessings, in life and love and happiness, not just my career.  Each morning when I awoke, I thanked the Universe for allowing me another day, and I asked to double my blessings.

Fast forward to now, when I have given up my 200k pa job, and I now have settled into a much better lifestyle balance.  My kids are grown, healthy and happy. I have manifested vitality and health into my life and in the process I dropped 70kg.. that’s a whole person!

My son was healed – totally – and to this day his tumour has not grown a millimetre.

The Universe’s attention to detail was so specific, it delivered to me a man that not only looked like George Clooney, but he comes with 5 more children, yep, I doubled my blessings.

The point of this story of mine, is to portray that Asking and Receiving really is that simple, and one must always be very careful in what they ask for.

What are the things you think about during the day?

  • I’ll never find a park here at this time of day.
  • This cake will go straight to my hips.
  • I never loose weight.
  • It always rains when I wash the car.
  • Why is it always happening to me?
  • I always get stopped at the airport security.
  • I can never get a cab.

Or are you much more upbeat and positive?

  • I’m so lucky
  • I always get a great park near the front
  • Health and Vitality come to me easily
  • I love being active
  • I have a fabulous life

The words you speak become your reality. It really is a matter of the Law of Attraction, The Law of Physics, Like Attracts Like and all….

And yes , I know this is nothing new, we have all heard of this idea.  This new-agey bullshit that people sprout on about it.

Yes, we have all heard of The Secret – but we don’t ever seem to implement it…. Don’t roll your eyes at me, this stuff is pure science. Stop poo-pooing for one minute and give it a whirl.

Just for today, I would like you to be super mindful of your words – and take note of the words you use daily.

“What comes out of your mouth, is so much more important to what goes in it” – a wise man once said of health and vitality matters. And I have learned this is true in every aspect of life and business.

I am now known in my circles as The Queen of Abundance – and I have two house’s, three cars, umpteen stamps in my passport to prove it. I am now running Multi Million Dollar businesses, created and implemented by the principles learned over the years.

Make a list. Take the first step of Action toward your goal. Then trust in the Universe to deliver.

Can it be any more simple for you?

Want to make a difference in your life? Make a List, Take a Step and Be Specific.

I AM Jaki Mac – and I AM The Queen of Abundance.


Thank you Jaki for sharing your beautiful thoughts and story.


Now ladies it is your turn are you up for changes in your life?  Jaki’s call to action is a great place to start. I would to hear your thoughts.