About Confidence - Confidence is a Gift

Hello, welcome to all ‘about confidence’

This page is for YOU - about inspiring women to find hope and possibilities from challenges

Why are you here? It is likely that it is because you are in transition, feeling uncertain and your confidence has slipped?

What If... you just need a confidence boost

Confidence is a woman’s best accessory

You may be feeling:

  • Disempowered, life experiences have worn you down
  • Less desirable as a woman because you have scars from surgery like a mastectomy or scars from severe burns
  • You have lost your identity because you have been so busy being a wife, mother and everything in between.
  • Plagued by self-worth and self-belief issues. Are you thinking you are too fat, too thin, short or tall?
  • Thinking your age renders you undesirable – who would want you?
  • That you are alone, you don’t feel you will be able to attract another partner because you are not in your youthful bloom?
  • Invisible and unimportant
  • That fear is getting in the way of your making wise and prudent decisions
  • Overwhelmed and not in control of your life

If this is you, then you are in the right place

Remember you are capable, you were always capable and yet through a serious life challenge can lose your confidence, lose your identity, who you are, what part you play in life today.

Yes, this is the right place. Everything I teach I have lived through and survived. I know how it feels and I know how long and unattainable the journey forward can seem. I have been there.

Let’s look closer at Confidence together.

It’s a gift that goes on giving. Whether it is You to you, you to another or you to the next generation. When you demonstrate confidence, you are modelling it for those around you.


What is it? Confidence is an extraordinary energy in you that is strong, vibrant and engaging. It creates a greater sense of well- being, a sense of peace and opens doors to a world of growth and new experiences. You know it when you see it and you say ‘I want some of what she’s got’. 

It is not static, it is a living ever changing energy and there can be a myriad of reasons why it slips in maturity. You don’t ‘get’ confidence pin it on the wall and have it for life. It waxes and wanes throughout your life

Confident women do things differently. We are a generation of women who have lived through massive societal changes in relationships, family, the workforce, community and raised consciousness.

practice self confidence rituals, let go of perfection, ask empowering questions, contribute to others

We have emerged as exquisitely amazing women. Many of us have reinvented ourselves sometimes several times over either by choice or having it thrust upon us. We are seeking something new, something deeper, something beyond - and we go out and get it. In fact, we are designing and redesigning our lives with a greater sense of confidence, belief and purpose than ever before.

Women 50+ don’t need me to save or rescue them.

When I can impart their knowledge of their power and show them how to access it – that is REAL CONFIDENCE

Confidence i don't need to save or rescue

Ahh but that is when you are confident – life has a way to throwing us challenges often several at a time. That is when confidence, self-belief and self-worth can slip out the door leaving you bewildered, overwhelmed and wondering what happened? It can leave you feeling anxious, scared not knowing where to go. If it is unresolved it can lead to isolation and withdrawing from life.

Maybe you have just dinted your confidence?

How have you framed it? In life right now is your confidence in good shape except for one area? Is there just one area and you have allowed that to affect your perspective temporarily?

How have you framed your confidence

The good news is you can get it back.  You can re-create, repair and revitalise yourself to become the best version of your confident self. That is what makes mature women so very interesting.

Why have I chosen the age group 50+?

Because that is about the time that life can take you on a collision course or a major pile It is when:

  • Relationships that have been held together for the sake of children fade away.
  • The empty nest syndrome happens. You have been busy for years raising children then suddenly, they are gone and you are left hanging.
  • Medical problems start to develop
  • Retrenchments happen
  • Aging parents need help with every area of their lives and maybe need to go into care. This can bring you face to face with your mortality.
  • You may experience the death of a spouse.

There are a myriad of reasons and you may be thinking yes, that’s me Di is talking to.

Any or all these experiences can result in a disconnect from yourself. It may include a financial loss, losing your home and having to relocate and having to start over. It may involve re-entering the workforce and re-training after 25 years or more at home raising your children.

If you are starting over you may need to attend networking events and feel like you are invisible and are not being heard. You feel you don’t fit in. Or horror of horrors you may be back on the dating scene, it is different to what it was two or 3 decades ago.

Are you squirming yet? Does that describe you?

If so, know that you can regain your confidence. Life may be different, it can still be good. You may even find it is better than before. When you are down it can seem a long and attainable road back to recovery. Let's be honest, life is not always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes you struggle within yourself, sometimes you lose your footing, sometimes you simply need to surrender and reach out for help.

When you reach out for help, you get to see your challenge through another set of ears, another set of eyes and share another's heart space.  

When you are re-inventing yourself, it's natural to feel the struggle. It's normal to feel challenged. It's common that past stuff that is unresolved will come up, and confidence can slip away in the moment.

It is Ok to be vulnerable, it makes you softer, wiser and more authentic. You have so much wisdom within you, knowing how to access that and bring it back into your life is the key. That is what I do as a confidence coach

My question to you is - What would having more confidence give you? It could include acknowledging that you are OK, accepting that you are enough and that you are worthwhile and capable. It enables you to deal with challenges in a constructive way and it empowers you to face life head on

what would having more Cong give you

Would you like that?  I can help you.

I coach women who have been through a life challenging change helping them to step up and back into life.

When it's time...time for women 50 and beyond to enhance their confidence, style and spirit...helping them to be seen, be heard and be visible...I am there. http://www.facebook.com/ConfidenceBeyond50'

If only I had had a confidence coach in my early days'! I am available today to fill that role for other women. You may have a goal, yet realise that having self -esteem and self -confidence are either more important than the goal or preventing you form achieving it. If you want to read from someone who did it themselves read more at www.diriddell.com or Di's about page. And the amazing things is with self -esteem and self- confidence restored, things start to happen and your goal seems much more achievable.

When you break free of your limiting beliefs and enjoy the feelings of confidence and inner strength you become a shining example to others. This way naturally and graciously you will enhance your world and all you touch.

Imagine what would be possible in your life if:

 you could if you could break free of old patterns, and be assured and confident?

you could be understood for who you really are?

 your journey of self- discovery and greater confidence totally transformed your life. 

How do I know they are possible? It has been my life story.

If you would like that for you…let’s chat. I invite you to pop over to my contact page or email on di@diriddell.com to see how I can best help you.