Was I confident when I started

The burning question is…was I this forthright and confident when I started? Noooooooo.. and that is the reason I decided on this post. Maybe you to have hit the time when you are contemplating or starting back on the dating scene . There can and is a multitude of reasons that you may be dating again….

You may be feeling a little un-confident, nervous, have sweaty palms, think and say ‘I can’t, I can’t’. Perhaps those who profess to be there for you are saying ‘Oohh I wouldn’t so that if I were you’ – that really helps doesn’t it!

Or you hear the comment what is he is an axe murderer? Even if he were I don’t think they come with it tatooed on his forehead….

Soothsayers go away draining confidence

Yes I know…now you are saying and what credentials do you bring to this weighty subject Di? Experiential experience by the bucketload girls! It came with lightening, flames, fluff, fireworks, luck and  even roses.


Experiential learning.you betcha nd that tales confidence

12 years ago at the age of 55 I found myself single again following the death of my husband. And dating has been one amazing, incredible, enjoyable, maddening, frustrating and fabulous experience.

It is a very different experience dating later in life when each party has a considerable history… it is exciting, different and the dating rules I think have changed with the internet. My late husband was a blind date from my nursing days and internet dating has rather replaced the blind date of yesteryear.

In the process I am discovering and enjoying the new me, the new experiences and have a host of stories to prove it. I am outgoing and confident…and my sensuality has been awakened, explored, refined and blossomed along the way.

Yes.. sensuality and internet dating is what led me to blogging… It started on Paint The Ceiling Beige’ where everything is up for discussion. Mature women have a host of life experiences, face similar problems, have likely had sensational successes and fabulous failures especially in the dating game.  It is a very different world to when we were young. We have accumulated much wisdom. And… just like in real life, you never know where a ‘girl’s discussion’ will lead…often to amazing places…and it does!

Paint Ceiling Beige banner confidence and sensuality

I was interviewed this week for an article about dating beyond 50 and in preparing for that I realised I had collated quite a comprehensive check list.

7 Points to make dating easier

  • Resilience
  • Open minded
  • Sense of humour – even being ok with taking the mickey out of yourself
  • Backbone
  • Boundaries
  • Being a realist
  • Confidence and inner strength

5 Points to consider

  • Safety – first and foremost. Let someone know where you are and how long (early on)
  • Be circumspect about giving out personal details
  • Don’t listen to a sob story and give in to requests for money – their stories can be very creative
  • Have fun
  • Set your boundaries

This will be part of a series of blog posts. Each of the  ‘7 Points To Make Dating Easier’ and ‘5 Points To Consider’ are worthy of exploring in fun and openness yet with a message.

I have loads of stories to share of my experiences… some I will share over time. And no, this is not a man bashing exercise… the guys in my stories may be perfect for some lady…just not me. And I can just imagine them sitting with their mates saying…. I met this tall slim blonde from Nambour… and do you know what she said!!!!!

I met this tall slim blonde..confidence plus

Light hearted? Yes…

With a message? Yes!

Would having someone there to support you help?  I will leave you to answer…


Warm regards Di…and what …you are asking… does this woman do?

I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

Do you feel, look and speak with confidence? If not…my skill lies in developing your style… your mind and body… so you can shine and be your best… in your business..

If that is not happening for you…let me help you…

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