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Denim And Lace… And A Little Bit Of Bling!


Denim and Lace…

A trip down memory lane today girls…Who remembers the Marty Rhone’s song ‘Denim and Lace’…taking you right back to the TV show Countdown in 1975 – you can even take a  peek at the YouTube clip –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LznjjrOaDdg

Denim and lace

Music and lyrics tap into our emotions, memories and experiences… it flips you back in a heartbeat to another time. For me images of the time, place and people come flooding back. 

And OK, what has ‘bling’ got to do with this you may ask? I saw a great image recently ‘jewellery takes people’s minds off your wrinkles’… to my way of thinking a better choice than cosmetic surgery! 

Jewellery, bling, confidence, denim and lace

OK, OK back to business… there is a reason behind my reminiscing.  I have been thinking about qualities, skills and attributes in developing an avatar. It got me thinking about confidence, resilience and sensuality for the mature woman in a different way.

An analogy I thought..an analogy is what I need! What popped into my head was denim and lace.

The words go…

  • Denim and Lace
  • You look good any place.
  • Dressed in denim and lace…  
  • Then throw in a bit of bling and wow!

Women 50+ are an amazing group who are embracing life. No where near matronly women are flaunting their bodacious style, spirit, sensuality and confidence.  Being seen, heard and never be invisible. In fact be irresistible.

Why did I choose the denim and jeans analogy?

They represent the ying and yang…polar opposites yet they compliment each other perfectly.

Jeans represent the masculine, toughness, the ‘get down and get dirty’ of life. Denim is tough, flexible, resilient and it has strength…you can’t see through it …when I am stuck in this energy I am head down butt up and miss so much. On the upside… today they are a fashion statement whether you are ‘wearing them a little tighter’ this year or not as Dolly pardon would say.

 Lace at the other end of the spectrum.. is feminine, delicate, soft yet resilient and has a hidden strength. You can see through it and it creates a sense of mystery of a promise not yet revealed. When in my feminine energy I am more open, light-hearted allow my sensuality to show and flow.. It adds an air of mystery and intrigue…just like life.


denim, lace, bling, confidence, confidentbeyond50

 5½ life lessons to share.

These thoughts formed a basis for my presentation this week.

  1. It is possible to find peace and calm in the midst of chaos , like being in the eye of a cyclone
  2. No matter what the sun will still rise tomorrow. Things happen and remembering the phrase ‘this too shall pass’ helps.
  3.  Being ‘authentically me’ is not only enough it is fabulous
  4. Have a plan yet be flexible. Learn to roll with the punches
  5. Having a healthy sense of humour is pure gold.And the ½…don’t forget your bling!  My bling happens to be confidence…it gives me my sparkle.

What is Confidence? It is that extraordinary energy in you that is attractive, strong, vibrant and engaging. You know it when you see it…and say ‘I want some of that’


Confidence and self esteem


What is your analogy for life…and how do you put it into practice? I would love you to share your thoughts.

From my heart to your heart… Di


A few words from me…

I am passionate about mature women finding their voice through having confidence and personal presentation skills to support their life choices.

Do you feel, look and speak with confidence? If not…my skill lies in developing your style… your mind and body… so you can shine and be your best… in your business..

If that is not happening for you…let me help you…

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