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Doing It Differently… Camping With Confidence


Last Friday I popped up a FB post with the words…

How long is it since you stopped, played, put your love glasses on and did something different?

I believe being involved, having a go and being prepared to laugh at myself. It is what keeps me young at heart… now to put that to the test…

How? This weekend…I might just need my love glasses…I am way out of my comfort zone and off camping, yes I mean camping in a tent… It is years since I ‘camped’.

 It is now Sunday afternoon and those who had a quiet snigger at me last week, yes there were a few… contrary to popular opinion, I survived and thrived.

OOhh Ok camping with confidence…and a little Uumm Ok…  a lot of help!


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It is so easy to slip into comfort mode, to stop doing the simple things that once gave you great pleasure. Maybe it is the ‘age’ to start looking back and look at simplicity.

Simply grab your confidence with both hands and do it! Whatever ‘it’ is for you.

In the 80’s my late husband Les and I used to head out to St Bees 17 mile off the coast of Mackay Queensland in our 17 foot half cabin cruiser for weekends of pure peace and relaxation. The island was uninhabited at that time and we were usually the only ones there.


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Time passes, life changes, things happen and those simple things slipped away from me. Then I got to the ‘camping… who, me? I don’t think so’ stage.

Last week the opportunity arose to go camping with a friend in a baby boomers group… so I did.

Now did it all go smoothly? Well in short…there was a little wrinkle along the way. A sense of humour is a wonderful thing!

Now you know when you plan a trip, you make list (well I do) and I did. I asked what I thought were all the pertinent questions in preparation.  It went a little like this…

Di – do you have …(insert each item on my long list) organised?

Friend – answered yes or no and I duly amended my list.

Di – do you have cutlery?

Friend – yes I do and I have all that stuff

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…that’s where I went wrong. I assumed ‘all that stuff’ meant crockery!’

With probably enough supplies and goodies to take us to Mars off we went. Come nibblies time I asked where the plates were… oops! ‘Goodness gracious me’ I declared.


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Now was the time for innovation.. a saucepan lid makes a wonderful serving dish for nibbles. As an added extra it wobbles a bit when you touch it. And.. it doubles up for a cereal bowl so long as you don’t put it down.

Come  dinner time…now it is fine having cutlery…it becomes a challenge when no plate on which to use it.

There were great parts… waking up to quietness, a sense of peace, birds chirping in the bush. Being in a tent, sleeping on a stretcher, eating picnic style…yes I mean simply. A no make-up weekend, wandering in a country town like Pomona, having a coffee…and a wine, great conversation and a lot of laughs.

Now Ok I can’t spill all the beans… just a tid-bit to give you all a smile.

Photographic evidence to prove I was there… and doing my bit! And sleeping in a tent…and well all sorts of things. Of course after the tent went up it was time for a wine.


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Of course there was wine, wine glasses and ice. Just like…well just like always.

What better way to end the night then sitting around a campfire so relaxed it was a struggle to stay awake…


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You could say I had a couple of opportunities for self growth, I was totally relaxed and spent a delightful technology free weekend. I did it very differently for the lifestyle I live today.

I had a touch of the ‘I hope I don’t make a goose of myself’…. then I got out of my own way and simply let it happen. I let go…confidently.   Really I did not expect to go camping again… you never know till you give it a go!

Oohh and would be believe I think I scored well… and will be invited again!


baby boomers, confidencebeyond50


My question to you is how long is it since you stopped, played and did something simple and different?

How do you say ‘No…with confidence in today’s world and switch off to relax? I would to hear how you… let go!

Have a fantastic week whatever you are doing…and to all the baby boomers ‘keep doing it differently’… cheers and hugs Di xx