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Dinner with a Difference

Let’s start with a question… Have you ever not done something for a while, then when you do it you remember how much pleasure it gave you?

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I did! It was hosting a dinner party. It’s so long since I did that. For some crazy reason, I stopped entertaining after the death of my husband. At that time, it was ‘I did not feel I deserved to be happy when he was not here’. I let that thought influence me for years.

It seemed the right time, having recently moved onto a new home which I am loving setting up to be just me. That is another story.

How I enjoyed the planning, preparation and delivery along with the wonderful conversations and many laughs during the evening.

Gee, I even cleaned the silver cutlery set. It had not been used in years and it was not half as bad as I remembered. Would you believe that I threw out quite a bit of silver when I left Nambour as I didn’t want to clean it? Just as well the cutlery set was boxed.

cleaning silver, cutlery for dinner,

Now from the photo it might look like there is no action behind me, believe me there had been earlier and there was much later. I was so engrossed in the evening I forgot to take more photos and had not thought about a blog post then. However, it was good to sit down with a wine when I was done preparing and we are waiting for our guests.

The best part was hosting new friends, lost of laughs and great conversation flowed through the evening.

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In years gone by, we used to have dinner parties, Dinners with a Difference.  3 couples each providing a course – one for entree, one for main and one for dessert. Whoever was creating the main course hosted and invited one other couple preferably someone the others did not know. So, it was always dinner for 8.

The process – on arrival the hosts provided the nibbles while the entrée team prepared. When done we moved to the table and indulged. The entrée team then cleaned up and came back to the table.

The hosts then left to complete the main course preparation. We got to indulge again… that team cleaned up and returned to the table.

The desert team then did the same with their course. When we first started these dinner events and doing desert I went off to buy a dessert wine. Never having tasted one before and seeing the ‘small’ bottle, I purchased two just to be sure. OMG, it was soooooooo sweet, ghastly in fact. One of the many lessons learned as we progressed.

At the end of the evening, the hosts provided coffee and chocolate. Everyone then having had one fabulous evening, great company and different and interesting food left for home. The hosts had only the coffee cups and wine glasses to clean up. I thought that was wonderful having hosted dinner parties and been left with a mountain of cleaning up to do at the end of the night.

Why do you ask?

• 8 people, so there is always 6 at the table to enhance conversation

• With the extra couple, you are meeting and socialising with someone new on a regular basis

• Because you are seeking different recipes fabulous food is ensured

• With each providing a course the host has as much interaction and enjoyment as the guests.

• It is a wonderful excuse to get dressed up and enjoy

• In appreciation of sitting around a table and chatting

It was dinner with a difference.

 What did we have?

An entrée of asparagus 2 mins in the microwave, with berries sautéed in butter and sprinkled with lime juice. Followed by Thai Chicken and Orange Curry served with rice and completed with frozen grapes with Cointreau drizzled over them and ice cream.

dinner menu, dinner with a difference

When you have a dinner party what do you like to cook? I would love you to share.

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