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I stumble innocent down the rabbit hole; emerge; transformed and drunk on the light of inspiration.  Article 2014 by Denise Moser

Airports have an effect on my reading radar.  It seems I can’t get on a plane without a book.  Over the years the selection has improved to the point where sometimes they have new releases quicker than other shops.  I’m a sucker for a good synopsis on the back of the book, I usually don’t read or care to read the ‘blurb’, that is, friendly comments.  I want to discover my own thoughts.  The cover can weave a spell on me and sometimes I will flip onto a page to check the style.  So it is that I stumble and fall innocent to the content.



It’s not always the book that I collect at the beginning of what will always be a transformational journey, that disturbs and redistributes me, it can and often is where the reading leads me.  A part of me has learned that every trip results in changes that I could not have foreseen, sometimes momentous and sometimes just a moment. Either way I will, like the river, be different.


a passage to IndiaOne book can open a whole education taking me to exotic places and ways of being to which I may never have access.  Shantaram did that for me, as a Western white woman I could never access the life Gregory David Roberts managed to portray and live.  It was the cover that got me, all gold and pavilion-doored.  It reminded me of E.M. Foster’s Passage to India and Far Pavillions by M.M. Kaye.  I still recall the synopsis of Far Pavillions :  After the death of his parents, young Ashton Pelham-Martyn is brought up as a Hindu in a remote corner of British India. As an adult soldier he returns to India, where his love for a princess and his dual heritage make for an epic story of adventure and romance.”  That’s how I first got drunk on an Indian moon.


   The Far Pavilios M.M. Kaye

I think Gregory Roberts might have supped some Afghani moongold when he wrote this sentence :…
“There were dark, thick clouds massed to the east of us, and the cold air was damp with the rain and snow they would bring, but for the moment we could see all the way to the end of the world, and our wintery eyes were drowning in the beauty of it.”   Oh God!   “ our wintery eyes drowning in the beauty of it.” It makes my eyes take up residence in my heart.

Shantaram 2

I love Shantaram for its breadth, its beauty, its education, and the gorgeously put spiritual truths, no matter that the value system of those that spoke them could not be further from mine.  This pearl: dropped by lord Abdel Khader Khan a mafia boss. “Anything that impedes, inhibits, or prevents this movement toward the Ultimate Complexity is evil.  The wonderful thing about this definition is that it is both objective and universally acceptable.”  The book is full of complexity and incongruence.  So too life.

But I have spent too much time on one book or the subject of India when my most recent purchases are more current; on them I am still intoxicated, inspired and wondering lost in the rabbit hole looking for the next hit.  Robert Louis Stephenson is barely interred beneath the wide and starry sky and already I am loving Frank. *

Under the Wide and Starry Sky Nancy Horan



* Under The Wide and Starry Sky by Nancy Horan tells the story of Robert Louis Stevenson and his wife Fanny Van de Grift Osbourne Stevenson. Also by Nancy Horan Loving Frank. The story of Frank Lloyd-Wright, the architect.






And the moon’s a silver slipper,it’s pouring champagne stars

And I’m blinded by the neon
Don’t try and change my tune
I thought I heard a saxophone
I’m drunk on the moon.

Tom Waites Prague 2008

This article was inspired by a little shop in Newtown Sydney called Drunk on the Moon where every curio is dripping with a story and by Tom Waits song of the same name.

**YouTubeTom Waites Drunk on the Moon

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Denise at her most playful and magical…

Denise bubbles

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