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When It Feels Like Life Is Falling Apart…And It’s Christmas.


We have this ‘societal norm’ that all is calm, peaceful, happy and loving at Christmas. And it can be, in fact it is wonderful when that happens…and it takes a special kind of confidence to speak out… when it is not happening.

Just as well I am not wired for brain activity.. it would be buzzing in overdrive in every colour of the rainbow arcing from one wild thought to the next right now. A million thoughts are spinning through my head and that chattering committee is in top form …a very loud top form… dragging up every negative that has occurred throughout my entire life!

Why am I writing about his now? Because my beautiful recent relationship has come to a conclusion. Yes it is sad, yes it hurts…a lot, and yes, I will survive. And yes it was worth it.

Anybody else been there? I know a number of people going through relationship breakdowns right now and they too are hurting. My words may offer help and comfort to someone you know. If so feel free to share…

Now is the time to say ‘this too shall pass’…. and ‘life has no rule book… and ‘relationships have no guarantees. ‘

This too shall pass..confidently

Christmas is an emotionally charged time and when life, relationships and jobs fall apart … it leaves you feeling flat, confused and fuzzy.

After considerable thought my note to self says…

  • Take care of self love and self care.. avoid beating myself up. Remember the positives and what I have to offer.
  • It is not what happens to me…it is how I handle it and what I become as a result. This is part of my journey…life took an unexpected detour…I have overcome much worse…I can do this
  • Take appropriate action… for me that includes journaling, music, tapping as in EFT and mirror work
  • Avoid isolating…get out and mix, get gorgeous and do something
  • Express gratitude – we experienced an amazing fabulous relationship and I am full of gratitude for those beautiful memories of love, fun and support.
  • Where to from here? Starting with peace and acceptance, I am being kind to myself, learning from the experience and working on a plan to move forward.

Note to self with confident

My next considerable thought is I had wondered if I would ever meet someone and have the same depth of relationship I had with my husband…I can answer unequivocally…yes, yes yes.

This time it was for a season… I feel the Universe must have something fantastic planned for each of us… it was awesome.

Speaking with my special brand of confidence….‘The hand of friendship does not stop at the wrist…it extends all the way to the heart… so from my heart to your heart…and to my circle of friends – your support over these past days has been awesome…thank you! ‘

From My Heart to Your Heart 3

Warm regards Di…and what …you are asking… does this woman do?

I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

If that is not happening for you…I may be able to help you… with one on one coaching.

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