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When It Feels Like Life Is Falling Apart…And It's Mothers Day.


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We have this ‘societal norm’ that all is calm, peaceful, happy and loving on Mothers Day. And it can be, in fact it is wonderful when that happens…however it takes a special kind of confidence to speak out… when it is not happening.

I am here to tell you it OK to reach out. It is OK if you are having rough patch in life. That happy scene was my reality for many years and I loved it, appreciated it and looked forward to it. Then one day… it did not happen, the joy had been sucked out of my life.

Today, you are probably sick to the back teeth of happy gift ads everywhere you look. You know, the ones where they are assuming the whole planet is in a happy state and well cashed up.  And that could be whether you are surrounded by loving families or not. It is commercialism at its worst.

Am I being ‘Negative Nellie’? No, I am sending loving thoughts to those who are not surrounded by loved ones today. Some may be estranged from their families for a myriad of reasons, some may be grieving over the loss of a loved one, others divorced or separated and prevented from seeing their children.  Apart from dealing with your life, the constant marketing of ‘happy mother’ is in your face and it hurts.

A million thoughts may be spinning through your head and that ‘monkey mind’ may be chattering, very loudly in your ear with the ‘what if’s’ resounding through your brain.

Why am I writing about this? Because today maybe you are alone. Remember, you are OK, you will survive and life will get better.

If you know someone who is hurting, my words may offer help and comfort to them. If so feel free to share…

Now is the time to say, ‘everyday has only 24 hours’,  ‘this too shall pass’…. and ‘life has no rule book… and love does not come with a guarantee. ‘

Mothers Day is an emotionally charged day that may leave you feeling flat, confused and fuzzy.

 Tips ‘just for you’…

  • Give yourself loads of love and self care.. avoid the what if’s, seek joy in unexpected places.
  • It is not what has happened to you…it is how you handle it. This is part of your journey…life taking an unexpected detour…you can do this
  • What makes you happy? It may be going for a walk, having a bubble bath, reading good book, journaling, music or something else. do some of that.
  • Avoid isolating…go to a movie, volunteer. get out and do something
  • Seek and express gratitude and joy – for what you do have, for the beautiful memories you do have.
  • Remember life is a gift, make the most of it

From me…‘The hand of friendship does not stop at the wrist…it extends all the way to the heart… so from my heart to your heart…and to you if you are alone…make this one amazing day – for you!