It’s Easter Saturday let’s look on the bright side today. Because we can and it’s an amazing way to start the day

Away, away, away with what we can’t do, the dramas associated with covid19 that has disrupted society as we know it. That does not mean ignore what is happening rather looking beyond because it will end.  

Let’s splash some positivity around and take a different view.

On FB this morning 2 posts caught my eye.

Firstly, taking a look at the letters from the word COVID (thanks Dave Rogers)

C for Compassion
O for Optimism
V for Vitality
I  for Intuition
D for Discipline

Couldn’t a dive and a splash of epic proportions create a powerful ripple effect right now?

Just imagine if today you decided to trust your intuition, you sparked your vitality and lived with compassion and an attitude of compassion, and for good measure demonstrated self-discipline.

How different would your mindset be? How different your day could be?

Then I got thinking about numbers so I Googled 19 and Mr Google tells that:

Number 19 is an extraordinary number. In ancient times, it was known as the ‘Number of Surrender’. It is the prime number that means it is only divisible by itself and number 1. Seeing the number 19 now and then carries an important message for you. … Number 9 represents the energies of the Universal Spiritual Laws.

In the angel world It’s a message from guardian angels, and they want you to know that you will be embarking on a new and exciting journey!

Number 19 means that new doors will open soon and because of that we need to close the old door that may still be there.  A certain phase of life has come to an end, so expect the beginning of something new. There will be periods of transitions, but the angels will be there to support and to protect you.

And secondly a discussion on empower, evolve and transform. This was one responses (thank you Ellen Hirsch de Haan)

These are slightly different but wholly related paths.
Empowerment occurs when we embrace our strengths and accept the positive reinforcement of success.
Evolution occurs as we add to our knowledge base and incorporate new information and discard the old as needed.
Transformation comes when empowerment and evolution both occur, we embrace the results, and we look for the next possibilities.

Will my words fix Covid 19, no they won’t, however, it will raise your vibrations, improve your vitality which can then bubble over to lift you and those around you.

How can you look on the bright side today?

Who can you call and share good thoughts with today?

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