Who does it affect?

Until I started my adoption journey, I did not realise how many people have and are affected by adoption. It affects more than the birth mother and baby. The ripple effects can flow on through decades even generations with extended families.  Adoption help is available. I urge you to reach and start your conversation.

It has been shrouded in secrecy over time, the shame, guilt and fear factors ran riot. Now, that veil has been lifted, it is possible to search, to find, it is possible to access help to do that both in the search and in dealing with the emotional rollercoaster that follows.

The mind chatter, possible scenarios and questions race round and round looking for a place to land.

A myriad of thoughts and questions flow through your mind
Image courtesy Post Adoption Support

Who can help?

Initially, I approached Adoptive Services, that is in Queensland and got the facts, time, date, place and names. The support and compassion started there. Adoption help is available, I urge you to reach out

My second stop was Post Adoption Support Queensland, based in Brisbane. Their staff have been a wonderful support to me. I have taken the text and image from their Facebook page. It says so much, raises some of the questions that bubble through your mind as you go through the process.

Talking, being real, raw and authentic and bringing the issue of adoption out into the light is a huge part of the healing.

My journey so far…

You will see in their text that they facilitate groups throughout the year. Last year, after starting the search for my daughter, I was privileged to be part of one of those days. The video on my story on that day was 18mins and I doubted that people would watch something that long.

It hit 1,450 views and created a lot of feedback and discussion. Adoption has touched the hearts and physical state for that to be OK of so many. The stories vary, some are positive, some are a struggle, some are still held back by fear and shame.

The beginning – raw and real from the heart

For me, before going ahead, I had my intent and mindset on the positive with an internal amendment that if it did not work out then I was OK with that.

My support from Post Adoption Support has been supportive, caring, practical and ongoing. My journey is still unfolding.

Sue and i on our first meeting July 2018

Post Adoption Support Story

Some adopted people view their journey positively, others find it an ongoing struggle, some find it a mix of the two. We know from supporting many people affected by adoption that this is often a position that changes over time as the image portrays. Torn loyalty, grief, loss and anger are amidst the many emotions that can arise along the life journey associated with adoption. If you can relate to any of this and require support, please feel free to contact one of our friendly counsellors.

Here at Post Adoption Support Queensland, we provide support to anyone impacted by adoption – adopted persons, parents, adoptive parents and extended family members. We provide searching support, counselling (via phone, Skype or in person) and intermediary, where we act as the ‘go-between’ in connecting persons separated through adoption. We also facilitate groups throughout the year.

You can contact us via messenger, telephone: 07 3170 4600 or pasq@benevolent.org.aual

The Facebook page link is https://www.facebook.com/postadoptionsupportqld/posts/627699131037837

Reaching Out to You

If you know someone looking for direction in reaching out through an adoption journey I would love to speak to them through here https://diriddell.com/contact-me/, a PM or email di@diriddell.com

If you know someone who would like to share their adoption story I would love to speak to them through here https://diriddell.com/contact-me/, a PM or email di@diriddell.com

It can take a leap of faith and confidence to take that step. It’s OK and you are OK