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It’s Not All About The Horses…She Said With Confidence!


Hello readers I have been flitting around lately and here I am back and feeling frivolous  today. And a tiny bit wicked…I do say the little horns you see are simply there to keep my halo straight!

Its not all about the horses ...she said with confidence

Indeed the Melbourne Cup is not all about the horses and I can say with confidence I learned something very useful on Tuesday… Uummm perhaps this is where I go ‘fess up No 1 ‘what I know about horses would fit on the back of a postage stamp’.

For overseas readers The Melbourne Cup is an Australian horse race that stops the nation on the 1st Tuesday of November. And where there are great horse races… there are great fashions, fun, a drink or two and even the odd bet.

Any race Day I have attended over my lifetime has been about the social aspect…and Tuesday was no exception.

‘Fess up No 2 – I love shoes……and here was my point of learning. I looked across the lawn and saw a fabulous pair of strappy, bling enhanced stilettos. I was positively salivating when I noticed the heels…or the base of them.  I first thought it was part of the bling….but noooooooooooooo on closer inspection it was a little device strategically placed so as to prevent the heels from sinking into grass.

Annette's shoes - with confidence

Five little segments of gel filled clear pieces form a circle and you simply slip it on your heels. How ingenious. Now I thought they were a new invention … however I visited my 80-year-old brother yesterday and he tells me he saw them on TV ages ago ….”Fess up No 3…I hardly ever watch TV. No wonder my education was sadly lacking.  Maybe you didn’t see it either so I am sharing anyway.

Now how good is that? Come on girls I would be willing to bet that every woman has stood on her toes and cursed over the years as her precious new heels sunk into wet soft grass. There was a time when I could stand, walk and dance in heels no matter what height. Today I am a tad more subdued but I can still admire from afar.

What so you do when you are confronted by something so special? Simply go and ask if you can take a closer look, give a sincere compliment and ask if you can take a photo.

My new man Vince was taking photos…he balked when I asked if he would take the photo…can’t imagine why Hehehehe! So over I went, introduced myself and the lady in question Annette was delighted to comply. How are these for gorgeous?

And then of course… have to have a photo of the feet’s owner…thanks Annette you were terrific!

Di and Annette Reid Mclean border

So where was I? At a Garden Party for Cup Day complete with fashion parade and yes, I was MC. The beneficiary of the day was our local Agricultural Show Society and supporting the girls who are entering Miss Showgirl. It is a delight to know that in this day and age country shows still run and are supported by their local community.

The amazing talented organiser Helen and I

Di and Helen Bird

Having a mixture of youth and maturity in attendance, then the clothes covered youth from ‘Delerium Fashions’ and maturity ‘Just Divine Fashions’ .

A shot of all the models.

Models on the day...confident youth and mature mixed border

And lastly the Just Divine girls

Just Divine confident models

It was a great day, fun, frivolous and even learned something…and even a little wicked….those horns really do keep the halo straight….those who know me know I am angelic… perhaps I should go now….

If you have enjoyed please do share, woman in maturity have so much wisdom and joy to share…maturity brings out our sensuality, confidence, sauciness and openness. It’s time…time for women 50 or nearly there and beyond to enhance their confidence, style and spirit…helping them to be seen, be heard and be visible…I am there. http://www.facebook.com/ConfidenceBeyond50


Warm regards Di…and what …you are asking… does this woman do?

I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

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