These ‘self-growth opportunities’ come up in life on a regular basis.

Self -growth opportunities keep turning up in life

Last time did you think – yep got life sorted? D
Did you learn from previous experiences?
Or did something happen and you got blind-sided?

Handling challenges, what would you do
how do you handle challenges

Right now, I am sharing from my heart because I was really triggered today. I allowed this to blind-side me.

Sharing my experiences offers others an insight into how they might react in a similar situation. When I share, I am ‘contributing to solutions’, offering suggestions for others to try.   

talk, conversation, made eye contact

When I published my first book ‘Beyond Abuse’ in 2006 and started getting it out there, speaking, writing, and running workshops I was met with responses like – you are not a professional, you are not a psychologist, a personal story has no value – go away!

Who do you think you are?

Today, in 2019 I was speaking about my new book just about to be released, “Speak Out’. A woman I had just met flicked through the book for 15secs, looked me in the eye and asked ‘are you a psychologist?’

When I answered no, her look said it all as she handed the book back to me with a disdainful expression.

Her question and ‘look’ took me back to 2006… and I felt it undermining me.  

Later, I reached out to two amazing women Trish Springsteen and Deb Fay for a dose of reality and to assist me to turn that around.

Even when you know, even when you have a toolbox full of strategies, you can still fall prey. For me reaching out and talking it out clarifies, uplifts and allows me to think clearly.

Even when you have a toolbox of strategies you need to remember to use them

Reach in and decide what will work for you today
What strategy will I choose today

Opportunities for self-growth I have taken from today are:

  1. There is a ‘knowing’ that comes from people ‘who have been there’. There is huge value in that. It does not decry professional help it has its valued place.
  2. I know the pain I used to be in and I recognise that when I see it in others. We connect deepest with people when we share their pain. That is the woman that I am talking to, the woman I need to reach out to… in other words – that is who I am seeking and who is seeking me
  3. From today that woman is Marie (my middle name), she knew, felt and lived the pain. She was hidden away and had no voice. As I align with her – I know I have something of value to share that can help her and consequently other women.
  4. This happening today is my opportunity to get rock-solid about who and what I am – to live and show my authenticity, truth and belief in what I do.
  5. I heard this quote recently ‘disruption is not a threat it is an invitation towards a new normal’.  Today I was disrupted, and now I have the opportunity to choose my ‘new normal’ and put the ‘reactive me’ to bed.
  6. Whatever else is going on in life, I have the opportunity to get rock solid in every way.
  7. Fear of judgment is huge, especially when the subject is a deep one like recovery from abuse or not having a voice – now I can choose from a quiet space at home what mindset I will use to move forward.
what words of kindness would you use on you
Say it with love and kindness

In summary – saying it with love and kindness

  • Take the ‘invitation to a new normal’ to how I respond and step up.
  • Never be afraid to reach out
  • Continue to be real, raw and authentic
  • Use Marie as my guide… and go make my difference
  • Remember, my book is not for everyone – some are not my target market, some are not ready to look at themselves and others use justification or put- downs as an out. That is OK, it is where they are – release them with love and move forward.
  • For my mindset – fully believe in me.

I am putting it out there – I am not saying I am a professional. I do not decry professional help. I am saying that I am authentic and I am making a ‘contribution to solutions’ that plague today’s society. Imagine if we all contributed to solutions what a wonderful world it would be,

My solutions are solutions that worked for me, I am putting them out here for anyone who is interested, seeking and genuinely ready to move forward.

I am expert in what worked for me.

A 3D image of the book
Books ready to go

If you would like to know more, contact me at or to purchase your copy of my book ‘Speak Out – use you voice, your unique gift to turn suppression to expression and expand your self-expression.

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