Ideas and challenges are like a bus, there will always be another one.  A phrase, image or paragraph I see is what sparks my thoughts.

Today was no different.

This morning I read my ‘stars for 2019’ in the local paper… it was very relevant and the soap analogy jumped right out at me.

hands, holding on, grabbing, lack confidence,

Life can be like soap – once you have dropped it, it is difficult to pick it up and get to grips with it again.  In much the same way I know in my heart that an idea I had a while ago is a plan worth following through. Even though I have not managed to hold on long enough to take practical steps towards making it my reality.

Consider 2019 as a perfect time to direct my energy into that project – my good idea can become a tangible part of my life.

Energy, desire, confidence, moving forward

Your Voice Matters… here I come. Speaking my truth, here I come, growing from each experience, here I come.

What can you step into for 2019, what sets your pulse racing, sets your soul on fire? Whatever it is, take one step at a time and go for it.  If you need help reach out and accept if you need to work on you, go for it.

Energy, desire, confidence, moving forward

Take a moment to look in the mirror, show love to yourself, hug yourself (you know cross your arms and put each hand on the opposite shoulder. Pat yourself gently and with compassion. That woman in the mirror she is truly amazing.

mirror, self love, self worth, self belief

And share, let’s share how we get and use ideas?

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