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Inspiration…Never Judge A Book By Its Cover…

Two things stood out for me last week when I was MC for the Inaugural Inspiring Nambour Women Event. Firstly…’never judge a book by it’s cover’ and secondly ‘like attracts like’.

‘Inspiring Australia’ is a not for profit organisation that encourages local people to step up and share their stories. It is communities being inspired by their local talent. My beautiful friend Leeann Butler-Landers. hosted the evening.  And what a powerhouse of inspiration she is… it was a night of inspiration, connecting and  networking.


Inspiration, confidence, public speaking


Above, Di MC, Leeann Butler-Landers, and speakers Tania Hubbard, Jaya McIntyre and Brigette Landers as we were getting organised. What a great night, the warm atmosphere, the buzz of people connecting…lots of women, and it was fabulous to see men there..

To use Leeann’s words “These four women speakers have all had a profound effect on my life this is why I have asked them to share their stories with others.‘ It was indeed a night of local women sharing their passion, success and fulfilment.

She then went on to say ‘Have you ever walked away from an event and thought to yourself, I really don’t know what happened in there, but it was absolutely freaking awesome !!! Well that was me last night, when my family finally dragged me out of Outback Jacks Nambour after my very first ever Inspiring Nambour Women Event.’

‘What I do know is that I am the most grateful woman in the world to have such amazing women around me. Tania Hubbard, Jo Twidale, Jaya Mc Intyre & Brigette Landers, I am in awe of you beautiful, beautiful women. Di Riddell & Emma Gunns, I could not have done this Event without you. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I love you ladies to bits !!! xo’

Tania Hubbard expressing herself beautifully.


Inspiration, confidnece, inspiring Nambour women n


In brief the keynote speaker,  Tania Hubbard spoke about her journey to become the guru on gluten free. She was the original owner of the organic cafe Husk and Honey in Nambour.  Tania speaks and travels extensively. Jo Twidale Creative Director at Twidale Hair and Make-Up Artists who has 3  amazing and successful businesses, Jaya McIntyre from Empire Art Photography sharing her personal story post breast cancer. It was the first time Jaya had shared her story in public. And the amazing young lady Brigette Landers who spoke with such power, confidence and clarity about her journey and future. I am constantly being blown away by the talents of our young women. If Brigette is an example of our future then we are in excellent hands.

Jo Twidale showing her passion as she spoke.


Confidence, inspiration, inspiring Nambour Women


Tania, Jo and Jaya have overcome challenges and become extraordinary women in their fields and faced and overcome challenges ranging from the miniscule to the monumental. Brigette shared from her young perspective, she has amazing insights and vision.

Hence my first point never judge a book by its cover…My second point ‘like attracts like’. I have been observing networks I am connected to over the years… and the person behind the network att5racts those with similar views and values. This was so obvious in the audience on the night. Leeann’s bubbly beautiful personality attracts the best, and brings people can’t wait to jump on board with her. And look at her positively glowing.


Confident, inspired and inspiring Nambour Women


This event will be held every three months so watch this space for the next round in late November. We will again hear four amazing speakers, have great company to chat with in between speakers, yummy finger food to nibble on all for a $10.00 Donation. The beneficiary this time was the Cancer Council Queensland. That is amazing value for your money !!!

It was a honour to be part of this great evening…saying my final thank you…and was I inspired? Yes I was… Was the evening a success? Yes…the buzz continued after the formal part of the night and many stayed round to chat. Di saying her thank you’s at the end of the night.


Confidence, inspiration, Inspiring Nambour Women


Leeann is such an inspiring woman and that is what she attracts…inspired people and those who wish to be inspired.

For those who are not aware, Nambour is a small country town near the  Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Lastly on  ‘attraction’ – Mike Korsos from Korsos Photography is an awesome photographer who offered to take the official photo’s which I am sharing with his consent. .

When were you last inspired and by whom?

Love to hear your thoughts from my heart to your heart Di xx