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Was I Inspired?….Yes I Was!


What is inspiration to you? Is it…

  • Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity?
  • Appreciating the skills of others?
  • Being positively impacted by another’s story

Confidence, sharing, support

Last week I was MC for an Inspiring Nambour Women‘s event.  This is  a part of the Inspire Australia network started by Paul Timms in Brisbane. The amazing Leeann Butler-Sanders http://www.justdivinefashions.com.au/  has run with the concept.

She has combined with her passion for helping women with her passion for the town of Nambour and created an amazing event. The first one was in September and the next one will be February…look out here we come!

In my words, the event is about show casing local,  incredible and amazing women by providing a platform for them to share their message. It is about building your community and supporting each other.

It is my privilege to be Leeann’s resident MC. The whole event echoes my thoughts of supporting women through confidence so they can share their message to the best of their ability.  Being MC gives me that opportunity, I just love to see women blossom.

The four speakers were very different, all were engaging and inspirational. Here are a couple of snippets about each.

Confidence, mature women, nervousness

Cindy Vogel from The Devoted Milliner  was born into a world of ‘Handmade’ and ‘Pretty Projects’ learning while paying from her talented Mum and started a groovy street wear label in her teens. Millinery was an extra curricular activity while studying fashion. Cindy’s devotion to high-end millinery and empowering women to feel and look their best for special occasion dressing is the very ethos of her brand.  She shared how Lady GaGa came to be featuring her creation.

Dianne Graham from KORU Colours delved into our uniqueness. She is an amazing healer, and a gifted trouble shooter with a unique appreciation for your divinity. She is a known authority  and her expertise and anchoring energy stabilise your soul in these changing times.

Janine Hall from More Than Skin Deep shared her story about her passion for better choices within the cosmetics industry for women.  In doing so she created the “The You Are More Than Cancer Project” which supports women going through Cancer by donating organic skincare packs.

And what is really fabulous is Leeann has chosen too include one young speaker each evening. This time we had Cortney Claridge a Year 11 Student. She is a member of the 2015 Leadership team, is  involved in hocky playing, coaching and training up to state level, a member of STUFF, a Student Film Festival which gained national recognition. And a member of the Youth Engagement Committee which allows her to nurture her passion for youth mental health.

With young ladies like Cortney our future world will be in good hands. What a powerhouse she will be.

Prior to the first event in September Leeann and I discussed how we could further support and encourage  women. Many women who know what they want, they have the knowledge and skills…they lack the ability to express themselves…to speak out.

Out of that conversation the ‘Speakers First Workshops‘ were born. Why you ask? Do read on…

For many, public speaking carries a huge fear…a fear large enough to stop you in your tracks.

My question to you is ….Do you feel. look and SPEAK with confidence? If fear of speaking is holding you back then these workshops are designed to assist you to find, develop and refine your style so you can shine and be the best in your business

The ‘Speaker’s First’ workshops are based on speaking effectively, getting it together, personal presentation and delivery… when you become the speaker first, everything else will fall into place as speaking in public for most is the difficult part.

Anyone can become a confident speaker…yes you can… using proven tips, practices and processes these workshops  will increase your confidence, and allow you to impact more people with your message and communicate and connect more effectively.

Natalie said these words after being a participant.

I recently finished a public speaking course with Di Riddell and found her to be outstanding at not just motivation, courage and her true calling “Public Speaking” but also in listening and asking the right questions to find the real reason as to why public speaking challenged me.  

She listened, the class was small and intimate which was the reason I joined.

The way Di used her skills, critiqued (which only helped me improve ) and managed our class was fantastic, I was very nervous about the whole idea. Di made me feel very comfortable the entire time and I have no hesitation in recommending her services now and in the future. 

On a final note: Since then I have delivered my first public speech at a business networking night, and whilst I was still nervous, I can tell you right now if it wasn’t for the help and guidance of Di I would NEVER  have done it. Thanks Di for helping build my confidence not just as a speaker but as a person.

To answer my original question…was I inspired? Yes I definitely was…

Remember confidence adds that little extra ‘sparkle’ …


Confidence and self esteem


If fear of speaking is holding you back… I would love to hear from you. The next workshop commences in February. Contact Di di@diriddell.com for further information.

And…I would love to hear stories about your speaking and confidence experience.  Di xx