Come with me on a journey, it was 2015, 5 years ago. What a fabulous day it was… all dressed up and off to attend the local Show in Nambour expecting to be modelling for a friend Leeann who owned a boutique…and I did.

Be prepared for any opportunity

My bonus for the day was being a last-minute judge for the Show Girl. We had lunch and chatted with Councillor Jenny McKay.

The Show Girls Contestants stepping up and into their community

Local Shows provide so much more than fairy floss and a ride in Side Show Alley, it provides a showcase for farmers, craft and it also provides a space for young girls to step out in their community. They raise money, visit local business and community places and learn to speak and present their voice to a panel.

Local Shows offer than fairy floss

I hope these shows carry on for years to come, encouraging and supporting the youth of the day.

In days gone by there was a Show Ball and the Showgirl was chosen (it is not a beauty contest). What a shame that balls have all but disappeared from social calendars.

Remember the excitement of a Ball?

The Winner represented the Show Society and local Council in the community, it a wonderful self-development year for those girls.

That day one of the judges was unable to make it, Councillor Jenny grabbed me as I had done it before and also worked with the girls on presentation and in I went.

I am in awe of your women’s skills

I am in awe of these amazing young women and the skills they bring to our community.

As mature women, we have an opportunity to encourage our granddaughters to be the best they can be… to encourage them to have a voice and to be involved in their community.

Our world will be in superb shape if these young ladies are an indication of the youth of today.

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