Mature women are a generation of women who have lived through massive societal changes in relationships, family, the workforce, community and consciousness. Looking after ourselves has become a passion and a reality. Our life ‘s journey is shared not simply through words but through the tone, excitement, vivacity and emotions in our lives. And that increases as we mature women.

Sharing 10 Top Tips

10 Top anti aging tips
  1. Smile often, it makes you look and feel younger and it makes people wonder what you are up to
  2. Enjoy and relish the age you are today, right now. Many are denied that privilege
  3. If you want good skin throw away your cosmetics, let your natural beauty shine through. Enhance it with blush and highlights.
  4. Spend time in nature it replenishes your soul
  5. Take pleasure in nourishing your body, with fabulous healthy food, lovingly prepared
  6. Create a belief in a power greater than yourself, your God as you see him or her.
  7. Journal, it gets things out of your head, it allows to see how far you have come and forward journaling is such fun
  8. Follow a morning ritual to get yourself in the best positive mindset for the day…and do that every day.
  9.  Wear wonderful bright colours that reflect your personality, you will feel fabulous
  10. Spend time every day in gratitude and speak with kindness and grace.

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