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Love, Light, Laughter & Lessons From Our Furry Friends….


Today I am about love, light and laughter. My last couple of posts have been on a serious note…so I decided it was time to lighten up.

What better way than to reflect on the wonderful furry friends that have given me un-conditional love and much light and laughter. They have even taught me a few things. My aim is to give you a giggle, and get you thinking through questions about your life values.



lessons from animals


Animals just know when the signal goes up ‘don’t mess with me’. Jimbo warned and warned TK. They like us don’t always heed it and a scratched nose happened the night this shot was taken.  When in your life have you not heeded a warning and wound up with a ‘scratched nose’ or worse?




Learning to set and maintain our own boundaries and to respect the boundaries of others is a vital life lesson.  Jimbo gave TK fair warning… but no TK had to push the boundaries.  The pup was really up for it again here… what lessons have your learned about boundaries along the way?





No matter what happens in life a huge part of healing and moving forward is forgiveness.  Jimbo forgave TK and scratched his ear. Have you reached that point of forgiveness for the people, events and circumstances in your life? Learning the art of forgiveness and gratitude has made a huge difference and was a major turning point in my life.




Think for a moment about tolerance and what pets put up with from humans… yes even our silliness. Goob took it in his stride on Christmas morning tolerating his reindeer ears, you can almost hear him thinking what next? They tolerate and accept us regardless. Has wisdom and tolerance become part of your daily life?



Sharing the love


Whatever happens, not matter the situation your pet is in there showing the love. OK a lick up the face may not be your way of expressing love but you can feel the pups enthusiasm and boundless energy even in a photo.  Nugget was in for his bit of love and a lick while I was on the floor trying to get my granddaughter to smile for a photo. Are you open about expressing your love to your loved ones?





They know how to de-stress and relax totally. How is that for total relaxation? TK is demonstrating it perfectly! It may not be your chosen pose but you get the message! At the end of the day do you know how to de-stress and unwind? Do you know how to relax and simply be and enjoy?

Life has a way of evening out…

Life lessons


Have you noticed in life just when you thought you were on top of it all and in control… the Universe laughs and laughs.. Suddenly your life gets turned upside down. Buttons used to tease the life out of Socks and just when he was getting cocky Socks would flip him and remind him of his place.

Our lives are littered with opportunities for self growth and we all learn our lessons in different ways. Sometimes we get the message through simple humour.

I hope you have enjoyed my moments of lightness, enjoyed a smile and even reflected on the values that are important in your life!

I would love you to share your thoughts…even share the post of you feel someone you know may benefit.

Whatever you are doing enjoy your weekend …from my heart to your heart…loads of love.  Di