A Penny For… Just What Were They ‘Thinking’ In That Moment?

I think all brides have a multitude of thoughts rushing through their minds…on their wedding day. Brides are all beautiful, confident or sometimes not, thoughtful, pensive…and my question is …a penny for their thoughts?


Family weddings...the girls courtesy Larry Mann

This collage came from Creative Pictures by Larry Mann (feel free to check him out on Facebook). Even though they are my family photos and I had already had this group of brides together…seeing them in this image…what popped into my mind was… a penny for your thoughts.

Maybe I am feeling nostalgic today…I am spending reflective times as I am embracing a new area in my personal life.  Today I asked myself…a penny for your thoughts Di! Noooooo I am not ready to share that bit yet!

An interest in family history started with me about 252 months ago …OK I will ‘fess up…when I was about 45 years of age. Over the years I have collected photos, documents, trinkets, letters, jewellery, crafts and now have an incredible cache of family ‘stuff’.

Last year when my son turned 40 I created a pictorial selection through power point (because I did not know any other way)…and at that time started creating a collage of family members at different ages across the generations.

Starting with baby photos, then about ages 5-6, young adults, marriage and into maturity. It fascinated me see differences and similarities, fashions and changes in clothes and hairstyles.

If only photos could talk. What is a brides confidence level on her wedding day?

Di asa bride


Today I got to thinking…what were they thinking?  I think back to 1971 when I was married…how sure I was I had it all mapped out… with all the confidence of a 24 year old…marrying a man with 4 children aged 10-16.


OMG if I knew what we were going to face…would I? Would I really have?


Yes! I would…because travelling my journey has made me the woman I am today. Going through the ‘tough stuff’ developed me, my partner and our relationship… losing him 11 years ago developed me in a whole new, different and very challenging way.

Starting out on your journey in marriage you are all excited, you know it all, you have the world worked out. What a magical place to start from.

1908 Margaret bride



My grandparents married in 1908…they had a hard life, he was a coal miner and died in 1925 leaving Grandmother with 4 children, a little shop to run and taking Wards of the State to supplement her income. What was she thinking on her wedding day? Were her dreams fulfilled?





The photos bottom left and right were both 1928, my Mum and my mother in law. They came from very different backgrounds…what were those brides thinking on their wedding day? Were their dreams fulfilled?

1928 weddings

Centre bottom in 1971…I have covered me.. and yes I am fulfilling my dreams…they have unfolded and been manifested in very different ways to what I expected…watch this space for updates…

Kath as a confident bride



My beautiful step daughter with 2 images. was married in 1981.. those who have been following me will know that Kathy aged 55 passed away suddenly six months ago. Kath lived for and adored her family…I feel that was her dream to see her children happy.





Bec 2012 beautiful bride




Kath’s daughter my beautiful granddaughter Bec is the smiling cherub in the top right. Bec has already travelled a journey, how she has grown and how proud of her I am. A thoroughly modern confident bride she was… what were her inner thoughts? I shall have to ask her!





The thread I see and feel is that love and protection of family, through the fabulous times and the challenging times… those reflective thoughts of life might get re-arranged, adapted…sometimes thrown out the window….

Whatever time or stage of life you are at …a penny for your thoughts…

If those thoughts take you to you to dark places…remember ‘someone or something may take a moment or more of you’…it is your choice whether you allow them to take any more or you choose to move forward remembering the lesson. My services may be able to assist you…slip over and check them out

If those thoughts take you to happy places fantastic….love and enjoy your incredible journey.

In fact I would love you to share the beautiful, confident or not, pensive thoughts you had on your wedding day?


Warm regards Di…and what …you are asking… does this woman do?


 I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

If that is not happening for you…let me help you… with one on one coaching, small group activity or workshops…

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