In this instance, there were 2 she’s – and both different, both effective, both powerful.  Publishing and launching their books recently. These ladies connected with their audience beautifully

Let’s look at aspects of communication styles with new and fresh eyes.

You know that we can all talk, we learned to do that as children. The questions I am raising are how do you communicate and how effective is it? That’s is the sticky bit!

Communication is about connection, authenticity and stories

When we get that, and see the results out confidence soars.

We hear a lot about raised consciousness and making positive changes for humanity. It may seem woo-woo stuff to some. However, it is a growing living factor that is coming to light more and more.

Let’s look at Toastmasters, a renowned public speaking organisation. It has changed dramatically the way it communicates and does business over the 40 odd years I have been a member. The emphasis was on communication and leadership was secondary. Today, that’s been reversed and it is my sincere wish that the value of effective communication is not swallowed up in the push for leadership.

For a number of years writing has been my passion and in the last12 months I have been a part of a book writing club which has taken me on an amazing journey from the spoken to the written word. Don’t get me wrong, when you write you still have to speak to launch and promote your book and here is where I saw the difference in styles of two amazing women I know.

Lesley and Rhonda have completed their books and had their launch. And what a launch! That is the culmination of individual work, support from our guide Deb, and participating in our group weekly Zoom sessions. It is all about connection, authenticity and sharing our stories.

Does that make us carbon copies of each other?

Definitely not. What it has done is it has created a supportive, caring and compassionate group who support each other as we write, grow, laugh and cry.

 In case you are wondering writing a book is way more than just sitting down and writing. Deb Fay from MJL Publications supported us through the myriad of things necessary to successfully publish a book.

The 2 she’s – Lesley and Rhonda showed very different yet effective aspects of communication styles. These 2 ladies like me have gone through huge personal challenges and come out the other side shining – in life, in writing and in launching their story. 

Lesley, author of ‘The Gilded Cage’ escaped from white collar domestic violence. Her book documents her journey and plans to escape and start a new life. It’s funny how life presents with just what we need. Lesley was walking through the shopping centre and the police had a stand there for Domestic Violence Month. Thinking quickly, she went over, introduced herself, said she had written a book which was being launched that weekend and invited them to attend. And they did. The forward to her book was written by Karen Johns who works in domestic abuse recovery and education. An amazingly strong advocate for women in need.

On the launch day, Lesley introduced the policewoman. Their unit follows up after initial police work on domestic violence, Lesley’s adult son who was a little fellow at the time of this plan, shared the effect that white-collar domestic violence had on him. How often we forget about the children.

Then Lesley shared her gems

She did it her way and connected with her audience beautifully. Lesley spoke from her heart, she connected with her audience from the beginning. She was real, raw, authentic and amazing!  Her presentation style fitted her occasion perfectly.

Rhonda had a challenging upbringing and had her voice suppressed as a child and later was a survivor of domestic violence. She found her voice and her way forward through singing. Her singing teacher Kim Kirkwood who she now does workshops with accompanied her on the harp. I loooove the harp and its haunting soft beautiful sound complimented Rhonda’s voice and her message.

Rhonda’s launch was preceded by a wonderful interactive Joyful Creation workshop. Lesley and I had a delightful time there. After lunch was the main event, Rhonda;s book launch.  Her book is ‘Sovereign Woman – using your voice to transform your pain into power.’   What a treat of a day.

An awesome point is Rhonda wrote and recorded with Kim on the harp, a song to support the message of each chapter. So, you get a book and a CD.

She did it her way and connected with her audience beautifully in a different way. During the afternoon Rhonda took us on a journey through her book, chapter by chapter and sang several of the songs. It was like a show and we told her a TED talk would be a great next step.

Sovereign Woman confidence
 finding your voice

And Rhonda shared her gems

She also spoke from her heart, she connected with her audience from the beginning, she was warm, real, raw, authentic and amazing!  Her presentation style fitted her occasion perfectly.

When my launch happens, it will be based around ‘Suppression to Expression – 9 steps to speaking your truth with grace and power.’ I found my answer to suppression and domestic violence through speaking, 41 years in Toastmasters has been a stepping stone, one of many.

There are as many communication styles as there are people. We are all shaped by our experiences, our ability and willingness to take responsibility for ourselves and step up and out.

Lesley and Rhonda did it their way, I will do it my way. We all choose our own special style of communication.

When you speak your truth with grace, power and authenticity you will connect at a deep level with your audience. Everyone loves a good story, especially one that is uplifting and inspirational.

talk, conversation, made eye contact

Remember that communication is not all formality and standing on stages. It happens in everyday life, every day. Just being the awesome you that you are.

What will your communication style be when you next speak from your heart?

How can you be different, effective and powerful – real, raw and authentic?

Would you like to know more? Leave a message on and we can have a chat and see how I can support you