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Simply put… I Am Clearing It Out!


Full of vim, vigour and confidence I set sail in my office to – day to start a clean out. OK Call it de-clutter is you must!


Watch this space 2 she said with confidence


The question I ask myself and you probably do to is… How on earth did I accumulate so much paperwork (the stuff will happen when I get to other rooms) . Now my office is a small room… and in cleaning out 6 drawers and a 3 tier tray on wheels… I have a washing basket full of paperwork to throw out.

Now before you have a  fit and say why didn’t I shred it…most of it is in my hand writing…anyone who knows me knows my hand writing is a little, well OK quite a lot hard to read. If there is anything that gets me going it is when I print in my best printing and someone says ‘I can’t read it’! Maybe it is because I am a ‘leftie’…Now I am digressing!

Down to business Di!

Change is swirling around me right now as I re-assess my life and a de-clutter has been on the agenda for a while. Yesterday a Facebook friend posted an image (thanks to Jean and Quitting the Quick Fix’s photo) that hit a nerve…here it is!


Decluttering questions for confidently clearing out


Now this makes sense to me… life is about asking better questions and I love these 3.

1. Does it add value to my life?

  • Do I love it/need it/use it regularly?

I have accumulated a lifetime of  various bits of paperwork, 36 years of Toastmasters paperwork, 20 years of self development notes and a million other bits of pretty paper that appealed to me at the time.

When I asked myself did I love it – then yes, and I have kept some based on that question.

Did I need it? – That made me squirm ( I am still a bit… OK a lot of a hoarder)

Did I use it regularly? …. You have to be kidding…some of it has not seen the light of day for years! So out they went apart from historical documents.

2. Is it worth the effort?

  • Is it worth the time to clean or the space it takes up?
  • Is it a project I am going to realistically going to complete?

Is it worth the clean up and space? Noooooooo, but gosh its hard to let some of it go.

One question I have not asked myself when in the clutches of a de-clutter in the past was – Is it a project I am going to realistically going to complete? That sorts lots out and makes it easier!

3. Is it in the right place?

  • If I needed it where would I look for it?

Very good question. I excel at the “I will put it in a safe place so I know where to find it’ statement. The jury is out on that one…I will just have to wait and see how I go over the next month when I am looking for something.

For now I feel lighter, I feel good and I have really only just started. I will be continuing after blogging…this is simply breather time for me. More parts of the office clean tonight. It is all not going to happen overnight!


How it looks now!


confidently clearing lots of stuff


About 4 years ago I had a major de-clutter…it went well until I got down to the flat and into my craft goodies. Did I mention there was lots and lots of it?  Did I mention the cupboards were bursting at the seams?

After several brave attempts of going downstairs…each time saying bravely ‘today is the day’…I would open the cupboards look at it and think Noooooooooooooooo and quickly shut the doors.

That meant an outside influence was needed… I called a girlfriend who is brutal… absolutely a black and white woman.  Be careful what you ask for…sometimes it happens!

After collecting 4 boxes – one for what I wanted to keep, one for things to donate to charity,  one for a garage sale and  the final one for the rubbish bin.

In her most intimidating voice she  said ‘Right Di we are going take one thing at a time out of the cupboard and you will make a decision.’ Sounds easy right? Nooooooooooo it wasn’t!

My weak protestations about ‘let’s leave it on the table and I will decide on it later’ were met with a look that had me decide on the spot.

And what a success…it worked a treat…


in my head thats how it looked 2 all confident...


Even though I was mentally casting doubt on her parentage during the day! How fabulous it was when done… we even painted the inside of the cupboards, slipped out and purchased numerous big tubs and sorted and named it all. Those cupboards are still tidy! And yes they will be reduced  again considerably in this de-clutter.

Moral of the story?

  • De-clutter your mental state to overcome the dread of making a start.
  • Choose one room – avoid jumping from room to room
  • Do it methodically – for me it is the 3 question plan
  • Finish a section and clean up – there is nothing worse then coming back tomorrow and seeing a mess. Perception is important, if you can see what you have achieved that helps with your positive mental state.
  • Reward yourself with a treat.


note to self on decluttering


Tonight. for me..it is time for a treat! Always, always reward yourself girls!

What do you do to de-clutter…love to hear your thoughts…


Warm regards Di…and what …you are asking… does this woman do?

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