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The Snake And I…


Rather like my wife and I…only different.

Today is a light hearted sharing of a memorable experience…so memorable that I thought I had already posted it…when in fact I hadn’t,  in fact I had not even written it!

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My memories are so vivid I thought it was done. Isn’t imagination a wonderful thing?

It was a lovely balmy night, New Years Eve, gentle breeze, trees swaying in half light as dusk became night. We sat on the verandah, four of us my niece and her husband, my son in law and I. The candlelight danced across the table reflecting around us.  The fairy lights dangling and sparkling. We sat there enjoying looking out over the LockyerValley near Toowoomba. We were all talking, laughing, eating, having a wee drink (note I said wee…), refreshed from a late afternoon swim. And we were ready for a BBQ.

‘So what’ you say… sounds a pretty laid back Aussie thing to do – right? Doing what thousands of others were doing.

When suddenly….things were not as they seemed!

I needed to respond to a call of nature (AKA go to the loo). Now I had been down that hallway several times, it was dark we were on the verandah with candlelight, the kitchen light provided diffused lighting. Just what you need on a hot and balmy night. Ahhh…………………..

As I stepped through the front door where a dark carpet runner lay, in the half light I thought there was a crease in that runner… I tried to pull it with my foot. Nothing happened… so I thought it had anti-slip attached to the back.

I took another step and the carpet seemed to move…I looked at it mentally counting how many drinks I had had (and not that many in case those who know me are having a giggle).

Oopps, it moved again, I suddenly noted a difference in colour… it was not the carpet but a carpet snake.  With one almighty scream…probably heard on the SunshineCoast I was across the formal lounge round the dining table and up on a chair like grease lightning.


snake, scared, no confidnece confident women,


Nothing wrong with my reflexes or vocal cords!

It got quite a reaction.. there was quick movement as they thought I had been bitten and they needed to see by what. Ohh first they turned the light on, always a good move.


snake and the light


There he was a 6 foot carpet snake not all that happy about being disturbed.  Now he had 40 acres to play in outside and he chose our front door… let’s get serious was I out playing in his paddock? Noooooooooo I wasn’t!

With a little encouragement from a pool cue he was off the verandah and slithering away off into the night.

Calmness descended, we adjourned inside. The mood of the evening dropped until the ‘ribbing of Di’ became the evening sport.  Much hilarity at my expense ensued and they even got me laughing.

It was even suggested that a drama takes place…where am I? Up on a chair changing a light bulb. Uummm I did look very carefully where I went, where I put my feet and aware of the slightest movement for the remainder of the night with every light on.

A good question might be – ‘How come you got a photo?’ … NOT BY ME I can assure you! It was niece who got her phone and clicked away…

She then went down the hallway glanced into her son’s room and thought what a mess he left… then she noticed his bedside table was bare and half the contents of his  dressing table were scattered on the floor. The quilt had also been artfully re-arranged (AKA vey crinkled).


confidence is finding your way, nervous


I heard a noise down in the bedroom and thought you had dropped something’ she said. Nooooooo I didn’t! I was out on the verandah. Did I mention I had been to the loo a couple of times. This bedroom was directly opposite.

That snake showed every confidence in exploring… we had thought he had just come in the front door when in fact he had had a wonderful time slithering over furniture, re-arranging things and generally casing the joint.

A friend suggested that he was just looking for company. I would like to state categorically that I prefer my company a little less long and lean and preferably with legs.

Next morning someone not connected with me posted this image of a snake that swallowed a man when he was passed out in the street. I didn’t take that as a comforting revelation.


snake with full belly


So what is a girl to do? Pop onto my favourite Facebook group to ask someone wiser than I to ask about the significance of a snake crossing my path and I wasn’t disappointed.. thanks to all the wonderful girls who responded.


Confidence, self belief, being open


They can represent –

  • A symbol of wisdom. Sexual and creative life forces within humans.
  • Significant personal changes ahead, so intense and dramatic that an Old self will metaphorically die as a New Self emerges.
  • You’ll feel a surge of energy that will Sharpen your senses and awareness.
  • It represents Kundalini energy rising in you. Very potent! Very powerful time.
  • The snake is the animal totem of Lapis Lazuli in The Liquid Crystals…
  • The message. On this day, the regal trace of Lapis Lazuli has landed upon you. An Ancient one of Infinite wisdom, she has chosen you as her playground. Her Presence signals breaking through, cutting away and true realisation of that which should not be on your path. She comes to help you break through illusion and distraction from your personal higher purpose. At this time, your personal power will be found in your voice. This gift should be used responsibly with compassion truth and integrity, for then it will lead to the realisation Lapis has come to offer.
  • This is not a time of healing. It is the time for action and realisation, not outward but inward, to the infinite light that you are. The greatest gifts in the universe are inward, to the infinite light that you are. The greatest gifts in the universe are revealed this way. For now, Realise, See and Know, the necessary healing will come.

That gave me some food for thought

Time has passed. Contrary to popular opinion I survived and thrived. And yes… I will still turn the light on and look regardless.

The fun and joy in life is when you can laugh at yourself, regardless of the situation. To find the positive in a situation and take from it what serves you.  It was funny in retrospect, I did receive great insights and yes they are in line with where I am at right now.

Oohh and lastly…OK now I know being an intrepid explorer is not my style.

Now I would just love to hear your experiences with a difference… please do share. Cheers Di