Do you feel ground down, ignored or insignificant?
Are you longing to speak up and can’t?


Yes, YOU!

Imagine being able to express yourself and speak your truth.  How good would that be?

Do you want to know the secret?

“Speak Out’ is a practical guide to knowing that voice is important, that it is valued and that it does matter.

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Can I be totally honest with you?

Expressing yourself with grace and power is a joy for you and a joy for everyone around you.

Check this out:

Bang! You’ve been hit with a unique combination of stories, action steps and strategies. It is a ‘must-read’ for anyone who has had their voice suppressed or who wishes to be more fully self-expressed.


What makes this so special?

The use of questions throughout the book makes you stop and think about where you are and where you are going. And that brings a unique interactive element to the book.

You’ve got it

Your voice is your unique gift, a gift that goes on giving if you allow it because it is a basic human need to be heard and understood.

Using the strategies in this book can restore your voice, your dignity, your self-confidence and your self-worth.

Di Riddell connects with you authentically and compassionately and gently
guides you through proven strategies.

You can move from suppressed to expressed to claim the life you deserve.

Be early, be quick, a copy could be yours by clicking on the link below.

Link ​https://www.mjlpublications.com.au/product/speak-out/


For many years I have witnessed Di Riddell work at making herself into the great woman she is today and is still becoming. In her latest book Speak Out, from suppression to expression in 9 vital steps, she bravely reveals so much of her journey, but more than that she shares a plethora of exercises, tools and steps which she has personally used to sculpt the life and the voice of her greater self.
Denise Moser, Creative Business Consultant