My Mum passed away in 2001, no matter what she was always my greatest champion. She was not a confident lady in the outside world, nor even at home due to family circumstances. Yet no matter what she was there for me, interested in everything I did, celebrated every achievement…and she was the most humble woman.

How I would love to talk to her today…. I do so in meditations but her warm smile and her hug would be soo, soo much better!


Mum not confident but a lady

Born in 1909 Mum had more than her share of hard knocks in early life and throughout her marriage…yet she remained a soft, caring and loving person throughout…ok except when I got a hiding for losing my shoes or skipping school ooh , almost forgot and when I slipped away to where I was not supposed to be when nursing.

Would you believe when I was training in the 60’s, we were allowed 2 sleep outs  a week? Not just to anywhere mind you – only to home or to a residence that was ‘parent approved’. I think I conveniently forgot the ‘parent approved’ bit a few times and got caught once!

Whatever happened Mum would scold me yet forgive me.

What I never understood was that she made me…yes made me.. take piano lessons for 4 years. I spent one hour every afternoon at that dratted piano…muttering under my breath about how ‘when I stopped lessons I would NEVER touch a piano again as long as I lived’.. and I haven’t. Did I mention I have a teensy stubborn streak?

There were many things that Mum did for us that was a financial strain for her yet she persevered. All it did was add to her angst, and yes, I do know she did it with love to give us opportunities that she never had.

Mum was the lynch pin, the family gravitated to our place, because she was there. Aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, outlaws, grandchildren and family friends…even the ones we did not like you remember the ones… There was always a cuppa. oopps (she would never have said that),  a cup of tea and pumpkin scones, a lemon jelly tart and a listening ear.

She showed her love through her basic and heart warming cooking.

Nothing spectacular in that, she stayed at home, she cared for and loved her family. The time came when she was unable to care for herself and into a retirement village and eventually a nursing home.

How my heart lurched as her health deteriorated and her became the child. How did a lady with such love and dignity become that shell that eventually remained.

If that loss was not enough last year my beautiful daughter Kathy passed away suddenly. An even bigger hole developed. Unexpected, no last goodbyes, and Kath was an earth angel. One of most loving gentle and caring of women.


Di and Kath confident hugs

As I look down today I see Mum’s hands, I look in the mirror and am often surprised to see Mum looking back at me. Where have the years gone?

Is this a tale of woe? No it is a beautiful trip down memory lane, thinking back on 2 fabulous women who influenced my life greatly.

I sincerely hope I have left a legacy of strength, love and support to my 5 amazing granddaughters, but that is their tale to tell.

My granddaughters young and confident

If you are lucky enough to have your Grandmother, Mother and Daughter still living do love and spoil them not only on Mothers Day but every day. I am so grateful for the beautiful Mum and daughter  I had and the Granddaughters that I have.

I am sure you also have beautiful Mum memories to share …please do!


                                               Happy Mother’s Day to all


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