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‘Thank You’… 2 Of The Most Powerful Words


In today’s fast paced world have you noticed how pleasantries like ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ are slipping  away?

Have you said ‘it’? Have you said ‘thank you’ to someone today?

I am saying thank you to the amazing networker Terri Cooper http://www.terricooper.com.au/  for inviting me to an event this morning that sparked this blog post about World Thank you Day. Terri shows support, encouragement and a genuine warmth at her networking events and what a pleasure it is to work with her when she is on the Sunshine Coast..

And a photo shot Di with Vicki and Terri.

Confidence at World Thank You Day

I would love you to consider for a moment  that saying ‘thank you’ to someone is a high vibrational energy exchange. It raises your vibrations and theirs.

Just think back…how did you learn about saying ‘thank you’? From your parents? Your teachers? Your community? Most likely it was from your Mum first. I can hear My Mum saying it to me as a child as  if she were standing beside me today.

Speaking with confidence in expressing a sincere thank you gives you a good feeling and the person you thanked a good feeling. That good feeling then gets positively carried across the day of both people and everyone they meet that day.

This morning I was privileged to attend the Inaugural World Thank You Day Breakfast hosted by the co-founders Charles Alder and Geoff Kirkwood. It is a simple and powerful concept – saying thank you. If you would like to get more information slip over to http://au.worldthankyouday.org/ and take a peek you may even wish to be involved.

The guest speaker Leigh Mathews well known AFL Coach  talked about appreciation, gratitude, leadership and the importance of saying thank you. Leigh gave us all food for thought by relating stories of sport, team work and lessons learned.  Things like in life…often no praise is given but you hear about it big time when you ‘do it wrong’. Does that sound familiar?

A ‘thank you card’ for everyone was on the table. Donated by John Hinwood, his wife led us through a visualisation to support each of us in saying thank you to someone today.

This sample is an image of the cards.. isn’t it just beautiful in its simplicity.

Thank you card

Yes, I did say send, and yes,  I do mean hand write your message. No, I don’t mean a quick email.  A card with a thoughtful message is something that people hold dear. They appreciate a personal message in your handwriting and they really will appreciate your thank you.

It makes you and them feel good. I have file of ‘thank you’ notes and cards going back decades… on a ‘down’ day I flick through them and remind myself all is well in the world, no matter how rough the day I have been appreciated. Sometimes we forget the difference we have made in someone’s life.

It got me thinking today about the power of a thank you.  Not just one but several as I drove home.  I don’t know all my readers personally so I am popping up my so here is my expression of a sincere thank you.

My expression of thanks quietly confident

In my life I have so much to be thankful for and high on my list is the love and support I receive from my friends. I could not imagine a life without them. Gosh I could make a long, long list… and I might do that just now!

I would love to hear your thoughts on ‘thank you’…and who would you send your card to?

Or would you express your thanks with chocolate, flowers or dinner?

Much love and hugs Di