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Who Would Have Thought The Humble Thong…


Who would have thought I could write a blog post on thongs! You may even be thinking get a life woman!

However here I am and I thought it was time for a little lightness and even a giggle or two.


thongs confidnece style casual


A few facts.

Thongs are recognised as an Aussie staple summer footwear…usually for casual wear… Nooooooooooooooo I don’t mean the briefest of underwear  for both sexes. When I Goggled thongs to see what came up underwear did dominate the page…some if it a little ‘in your face’ so to speak!


Thoings underwear casual shoes confident style



What are thongs?

According to Wikipedia they are also called flip flops (not in my day they weren’t ) They are a type of open toed (now isn’t that stating the bleeding obvious?) sandal consisting of a flat sole held loosely on the foot by a Y-shaped strap that passes between the first and second toes and around either side of the foot.

The name flip-flop resulted from the sound made by the slapping between the sole of the foot and the floor when walking. (also stating the bleeding obvious).


thongs confidence footwear flip flops


 It is not an Aussie invention

(I think we just took it to a whole other level). It originated as  early as the ancient Egyptians and the Greeks. The modern flip flop descends from the Japanese which became popular after WW11 when soldiers returning to the US brought them back. They became popular footwear during the 1960’s – at that time they were recognised as an anti-establishment symbol. Now every man and his dog have them.

And is this where the term Japanese riding boot came from?

OOhh and how they flourished.

And that love affair continues with some varieties even finding their way into formal attire despite criticism. Especially for the girls…


thongs confidence, style, class, casual blingal

Why am I suddenly so interested?

I have recently been to Cairns, tropical North Queensland where it gets a tad warm so I get the informal dressing for comfort. I had considerable time at the airport and I love people watching.

It struck me that travelling has become soo casual that there were a number of ‘generously padded’ mature gentlemen clad in short stubby shorts,  navy Jackie Howe singlets and down trodden, ‘seen better days’ rubber thongs. The shorts were so short I was offering gratitude to the Universe for the invention of underwear…the alternative does not bear thinking about!

On the other hand the ‘girls’ took thongs to another level with colour, style, bling and class!

It got me thinking what are the advantages?

  • Easy to wear – no straps, laces or buckles to manoeuvre
  • Being made of rubber practical to wear around water
  • Inexpensive and practical
  • Cue to relax… the flip flop cues your mind that its play time. Cognitive psychologists from North Western University coined the term ‘enclothed cognition’
  • They come in inexhaustible colours and styles and lots of embellishments like bling!
  • And a must wear after a pedicure to protect your new nail polish
  • For the indoor barefoot folk (yep that’s me) having a pair at your front and back door keeps the feet clean when you pop outside.

Thongs, practical, footwear, casual


Now let’s look at the disadvantages

  • Lack of foot support leads to foot pain
  • You need to take extra foot care to prevent cracked heels
  • OMG on taking another peek at Google I found ‘9 steps – How to Wear Thong Underwear… I won’t go there!
  • Lack of support can cause your feet to spread
  • Slipping when wet and causing damage to your ankle and toes
  • The open toed nature may result in cuts, scratches and stubbed toes

Pain, lack of support, casual, thongs



Whatever your thoughts, I hope you have had a giggle, learnt a fact or two and maybe when you are next people watching my words on the ‘thong’ will make you smile.

You might even take stock of the thongs foot and the other in your wardrobe. Whatever you decide wear them with style, class and confidence.

What does wearing thongs mean to you? Love to hear your thoughts.

Hugs and whatever you wearing enjoy! Di xxx