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Use It Or Lose It…. Like How Long Is It Since You Cooked A Chook?


Doesn’t it drive you crazy when someone says ‘if you don’t use it you lose it’? Especially when you know they are right.

Last weekend I lost what I had not used… cooking a chook for the first time in years ‘happened’ to me.

‘Happened’ is rather a vague word to use here. It reminds me of Sark, ( I think she is fabulous) the author of ‘Succulent Wild Women. She talks about not having too high an expectation of yourself when going out. We put pressure on ourselves to have a ‘good time’ and then we become disappointed when it does not happen.   

She suggests that you set out to have a ‘time’ – then circumstances often conspire to give you that great time… or if not then you still had a ‘time’.

So my ‘time’ went like this…I set out to cook a chook for the first time in many, many years. Orgasmic, mouth watering, edible and scrumptious are NOT the first words that come to mind. Visually appealing probably does not fit the bill either.

How it really looked…


confidence charred chook


Now I hear you saying “Get to the point Di…where does the orgasmic and edible bit fit in???? Not where you might think…..wicked girls!!!

I  have a delightful friend Maureen Shaw whose blog is ‘The Orgasmic Chef’  her by-line says …for food that’s better than sex! Nooooooooooooooooo mine wasn’t!




Now while I like food, I am not in the ‘fabulous chef’ category. I would class myself as an ‘average girl’ in the kitchen. Rather a means to an end than enthusiastically searching for and following a recipe. However place a  scrumptious dish in front of me…then I do class myself as an enthusiastic eater of said fabulous food.

Living alone for 12 years has caused my culinary skills to slip alarmingly. How hard can it be to cook a chook? In reality I have done loads of cooking and in  a previous life I did a lot of cooking and we did a lot of entertaining.  Those days have long gone.

OK so my culinary skills have slipped, but thank heavens I have a healthy sense of humour and even more important so did the ‘man’…the lovely man in my life.  I admit he was very gracious about my burnet offerings.

How did it unfold? Ok unfamiliar oven, ‘he’ turned it on for me. I added the tasty herbs popped it in an oven bag and into the oven it went. So far so good. Like I said how difficult can it be?

I went back to doing what I was doing…and time sort of got away. Ok, ‘fess up time… I was editing photos and became engrossed. When I thought vaguely ‘I had better take a peek’. I opened the oven  door …a puff of smoke…well several puffs of smoke actually…a disintegrated oven bag (crisp describes it well).

And I said ‘goodness gracious me!

The meal happened (definitely not tempted to eat the skin as it had blended well with the paper of the oven bag , we had a great evening, laughed a lot and even took some pics. Looking on the positive side you could say I was looking after his cholesterol levels…we were not tempted to eat the skin.

Shame there is no evidence as it came out of the oven. Or maybe that is a good thing!

Moral of the story… I will stick to ‘cooked chooks’ from the supermarket just like these… I have managed well on them for the last 20 years.


cooked BBq chook


It is probably a fair guess that no one will line up for a dinner invitation with me… however the intent, the conversation and the laughs could make it worth your while! And of course the wine with ice was just perfect.


confident mature women



Whatever you are doing this weekend… throw yourself into it, enjoy it, laugh about it…and even if it does not work as planned…the sun will still come out tomorrow.  Let your confidence shine. Hugs Di xx