There is much going around right now about ‘rights’. ‘wrongs’, the ‘he said,. they said’. ‘the Government said’

Society changes, what was considered ‘right’ in the middle ages we are horrified with today.

What happened in World Wars 1 & 2 were considered patriotic, it was socially acceptable a duty even. We are horrified at what happened there in other following wars.

What happened over the years in the 40’s, 50′ and 60’s with divorce, abuse, violence, forced adoptions, what women could not do in certain professions like work after marriage. yes, nurses, teachers and others had to give up their professions when they married.

Imagine having a child halter on today? There would be an outcry.

That was what society did back then.
We can look back, cry victim, tut-tut about how awful it was but that is how society was. When we know better, we can do better.

Values change – Now is the time to re-evaluate, to acknowledge the wrongs and hurts of the past and use that as a basis to make better-informed decisions to improve our life and our world.

I can speak personally here, I grew up in a violent alcoholic household, there were times the police were called… they believed the man of the house. Women including my Mum were forced to go back and ‘endure’.

As a 15-year-old I was a victim of pack rape. Was it reported? No because of my fear of retribution, not being believed and being a social outcast, hidden away in shame. A pregnancy and adoption followed. it was hideous, my shame, fear, anxiety was overwhelming with nowhere to turn.

That is part of my story… have I sat in a corner? No, I have taken my shaky courage in my hands and stepped out, spoken out and published for the world to read. Not as a victim, but to show whatever happens we can move past it. It takes personal responsibility to make that first step. to acknowledge that is what happened, that is what was condoned by society back then. We can’t change that.

What we can do is look back and live and act from a newer and higher perspective, creating change in all levels of our lives and in our society. Blaming, bitterness, hate and destruction are not the answer.

How can we best show up, create or hold a space for change and be part of a newer better world? I don’t know the answer however having the intention to seek a better life is a great place to start.

#yesterdayactions #todaysvalues #creatingpositivechange

Speaking up and speaking out, in kindness, in compassion in seeking a better way… we can do that together.

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