Yes.. I think they do, especially the confidence of women who are freshly ‘out there’…. but first a story!

Bringing in big bucks as an ambassador for weight loss actress and comedian Magda Szubanski was paid $850,000 for losing 26 kilos in 2009.

That girls…is $32.692 per kg…… yes $32,992 per kg lost...This is totally unrealistic , out of the realms of imagination to the woman 50+ in the street who receive no such incentive.  I think.. oopps know that I could get very motivated for that amount of money.  Would that make you broken hearted, delighted or bring out the devil in you?


$32,992 lost with confidence


The Australian Women’s Weekly reported the details of Magda’s lucrative deal with Jenny Craig.

Now after regaining the weight  a second contract reportedly worth $1.25 million is up for grabs. On Triple M Sydney Magda broke her silence ‘blaming’ her weight re-gain as .calorie amnesia’. What message is this sending to women?

How wonderful is ‘calorie amnesia’ as a re-frame of language???? I searched for a description and found Magda’s….“where you sort of just forget how much you’ve actually eaten”.

Re-entering the dating scene mature women often feel insecure, vulnerable and alone. It is scary putting yourself ‘out there’ again. Women are very good at spotting and magnifying their faults especially when it comes to weight. The media and weight loss programs prey on women’s insecurities promising they will find that elusive perfect figure if you follow their plan.


confident about uinconfident magnifying our faults


Yes, Women 50+ are a savvy feisty, and  informed group of women interested and willing to pay to improve their body, their image and their self development. Women at 60+ are The media play on this and continue to promote and publish photos and articles on the gorgeous and the slim and seeking eternal youth. The images we see are touched up, these celebrities are paid big bucks and they are supported with personal trainer’s and food preparation assistants.

How realistic is this to the everyday woman 50+ in suburbia who leads a full life juggling her commitments. She is swamped. with the latest Weight loss program and beautiful slim women. We all seek to look our best especially when related to dating.  She wonders if she will still be desirable?


I see 50 fiesty 60 sassy both are confident


‘Now, now. do it now….join up today and get a free assessment’ the ad screams (how does  compare with $32.692 per kg paid to Magda). They are working on the theory of scarcity, the weight loss program want you to book and pay NOW.  Add to that the theory of comparison… then you will look as a good as the celebrity, the result is women line up begging to pay.


Women lined up confident paying will help


The dating scene is a daunting place to enter. The three most common mistakes I see women make are she thinks she is undesirable, it may be 30 years since she dated and everything she sees and hears promotes being youthful and slim. That  can be overwhelming if she is finding her feet in the new dating world. She thinks her vulnerability is a weakness , yet when she allows it to show she comes across  as softer, wiser and more authentic. And she thinks she is alone when in reality there is a plethora of help out there waiting.

Developing the confidence to  feel great about yourself and present to the best of your ability is an amazing skill. One that can be developed

The weight loss industry and expectations from media does impact on women 50+ in the dating scene …

As an aside… of even more concern I saw a link this morning then lost it. It was from the Huffington Post  about a Ukrainian girl  Valerie Lukyanova who has set herself as a human barbie doll with a micro tiny  50cms. and huge breasts living on air and her brand of spirituality. What example is that setting your our young women of today who will be 50… sooner they think!  Unrealistic does not even come close.

My take girls is to be happy with you and what you are… DO NOT believe all you read in the media about the bold and the beautiful out there. Photo enhancing is most likely at work.

Your confidence is much greater when you feel great, especially when re-entering the dating scene. Be you, be happy and get out there…  taking precautions it can and is a load of fun.

AS the saying goes ‘God must have loved ordinary people there are lots of them’… women 50 + there are plenty of us also..

A note to self…Your weight will fluctuate during different times in your life. What is considered in our culture to be slim is different to others.  What is important is to realise that we are amazing. Our physical appearance and yes that includes weight is a reflection of our inner selves.  My suggestion…be happy, be healthy and keep your sense of humour.


Certainly I urge you to take care of yourself and present yourself in your best possible light. However being realistic, no.. we don’t have the bodies of 20 year olds. WE have something much more important… the wisdom and depth that goes way beyond the superficial to the grace and understanding of maturity.

As Coco Chanel so eloquently expresses it…


Coco full of confidence...gorgeous at 30 charming at 40 and irresistible for the rest of your life


Have you had a struggle with weight?

How have the media influenced you and your body image?

I would love you to share your ideas and your story’s.


Di Riddell has  30 years of experiential and professional experience in the field of confidence in communication and is passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices. Her skill lies in developing their style… incorporating their mind and body… so they can shine and be their best… in dating and in life.

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