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I Am … Well Frustration Covers It Well.

Noooooooooooo not that sort girls… it is when you confidently think I can do ‘this’ (imagine a drop down menu and insert challenge). I often say it is best to have a strategy for handling challenges. If you solve a challenge and another comes along it can throw you completely.


Drop down confidence choices

It has become obvious to me in these six and a half decades that when you overcome one challenge life simply throws you a better class of challenge. The theory being if you have a strategy that can be applied to different situations you are in front.

How easily and glibly that rolls off my tongue!

When you think ‘this’ (select from your drop down menu) can’t be that hard.

When you think I am getting the hang of technology….and it laughed and laughed and laughed!


kokka laughing confidently smalljpg

Yep technology and I have had a love hate relationship for some years now.  It has been my nemesis. In many ways we have made peace. I have ceased having meltdowns and ‘it’ co-operates fairly well.

What was my ‘this’? Setting up webmail on my tablet. Anyone would think I was trying to be off with the crown jewels. Like how hard can it be? Very, very, very apparently!

I didn’t tear my hair out – simply ruffled it a bit. I didn’t have a meltdown – I said goodness gracious me.  I didn’t hide away hoping it would disappear.

Loads of help later, a drive to Brisbane for my son to have a go, two of an hour and a half sessions with Hostgator techie chat and a truckload of frustration all over a few days. Is it solved? Nooooooooooo but I am close. Hopefully tonight will be the night.

The good news is I have kept my sense of humour – well mostly.

The important awareness is that I am learning, I am doing better, I am confident enough to speak to the techie support team. And I can laugh at myself.

I would love to know what your strategy is when you are faced with your nemesis (insert drop down menu).


A better class of challenge with confidence

What is you do to reach out, to help you over the hump?

Warm regards Di


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