Holidaying may not be on your radar right now, however with the coronavirus keeping many at home planning a holiday could help pass the time pleasurably.

Perhaps what is happening now is a wake-up call to us that life is going to be different. A new approach could be – life is about making an impact, not making an income.

We are being drowned and bombarded by coronavirus information, he said, she said, loss of business and jobs and creating fear throughout the world, not just Australia. So, let’s look at something positive.

Switching Mindsets

This morning in a Facebook group this question was asked.…
I am CURIOUS…when things settle down, where will you be holidaying?

Great question, how would you answer it

Home is Queensland

Home is Queensland and for us, Pete and I, it will down to Victoria to continue our trip that was interrupted by current circumstances of covid19. We had been away caravanning for 3 months through Western NSW and lots of SA, then planning to move into Victoria… when whamo!

Posting in FB most days brought forth many comments and interactions. There were lifestyle photos, caravanning is rather new to me and it was a stretch for me to leave my familiar and comfortable setting.

Organisation is not always king

I am an organised person, and the looseness of life while caravanning left me rattled for a while. It took me a while to adjust and settle into a more fluid lifestyle.

Those photos evoked wonderful memories for folk from all over and so many said ‘I have or have not been there, I holidayed there, this is where I got married, where my family came from, I went to school there, oohhh-where is that? And how beautiful the various coastlines were.

Photos are precious

  • They remind us of the people, places and activities that we love
  • They help us remember the past
  • A photo of something can sometimes replace the thing itself
  • They foster creativity
  • They create inspiration for future travel
  • If staying home is your thing then you can travel vicariously through someone else’s photos.
  • They become a part of the rich tapestry of your life.
  • They make us giggle at what w used to wear, something silly that we did, they may show our quirkiness.
  • In fact, they make us happy.

When you add video, it adds another dimension because you see all of the above in action, the good, the bad and the ugly. It is those things that make a holiday memorable.  You tap into the spirit of that day and bring your photos to life.

Videos add another dimension whether on holiday or not… I invite you to check out my confidence videos

Remember the fun factor

And the fun factor…this video is not one of mine however it demonstrates the point of caravanning…which could after this all settles down it could become the ”holiday of preference’ for many

It seems the current situation may raise our appreciation and love of our amazing, beautiful country because it is magnificent.

I hope I have tempted you to consider supporting home holidays.

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