Do you believe that life gets better after 50?

What has been your experience?

Who do you talk to about life in general?

Sometimes it serves us best to stop, listen, really listen life may be trying to tell us something.

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This morning I read an article on this topic. My stand outs and snippets about the U-Curve of Happiness from this article include:

“The most surprising thing is that age tends to work in favour of happiness, other things being equal,” he tells the Guardian. “The most strange thing is that midlife slump is often about nothing.”

It is not the same as a midlife crisis, which according to the stereotype demands an urgent, rash response. The slump isn’t caused by anything, according to Rauch. It is a natural transition, simply due to the passing of time.

Those most likely to notice the arrow of time are the people without a lot of other change or difficulty in their life. Things seem to be going well for them, they’re achieving their goals, and nothing much has changed. They think, ‘Why do I feel less satisfied than I expected to?

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with your life, you’re just feeling the effects of time which others who may have more turbulent lives may not notice as much.”

Life satisfaction statistics for the UK in 2014-15 show happiness declining from youth through middle age, hitting a low at 50 and rising to a peak at 70.

“There’s a huge amount of untapped wisdom and potential to be unlocked. Because of the happiness curve, they’re often in a position where they want to give back. They want to be mentors, they want to be volunteers and they want to work at not so difficult jobs which allow them to use their skills.

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My thoughts

If and when you feel down do something for someone else. Many people 50+ feel invisible and passed over but is that because they allow themselves to slip back into the shadows.?

Be kind, be beautiful and love life. When things get tough surrender, I think that comes with the wisdom of age, whatever your age. You may like to read a little more about me, if so click here

Love to hear your thoughts.