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Wide-eyed With Weeping to Wisdom…


Today it was my privilege to address a group of girls who I have the utmost admiration for. Are they out there… had it easy… or had no problems?

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo they are not!

These girls happened to fall pregnant due to a variety of circumstances and had to leave school without completing their education.

Life happens…and it is not up to us to pass judgement….as they say ‘walk a mile in their shoes’ before you comment. Remember there but for the grace…

These fabulous young girls were wide-eyed with what the world had to offer. Maturing, finding their way, experimenting and it was not what they expected. They found themselves pregnant. No doubt there was weeping and wailing involved.

weeping - can you do that with cionfidence


The girls have now had an opportunity to return to school and are complete their education, going on to TAFE or University and the pride on their faces even though they were not feeling confident in sharing was evident.

And…I give 100% credit to the staff who support them. They are among the unsung heroes of this world. They are true earth angels. The program for the girls is STEMM Supporting Teenagers with Education Mothering and Mentoring – take a peek at http://www.stemm.com.au/

Their ‘about page’ tells us they are ‘Empowering pregnant girls and young mums through support and education to gain independence’.

Why would I support them? Because when I was 15, I was pack raped…a pregnancy and adoption followed…it was the early 1960’s and no such program existed. There was no support available at that time and the social stigma was firmly entrenched.

I went looking for love…rape found me! It was a similar story with one of the girls in the group today.

In the 60’s it was hush, hush…snigger, snigger…isolate, isolate…hide away, hide away…isn’t she awful!

Part of my journey in moving forward was writing and self publishing my story ‘Beyond Abuse’…there comes a time when you just need to speak out. My  time came and  no more hush, hush….

child - the wisdom and confidence hidden


Today, there is support available so these girls can keep their babies and make a great life together. Their education provides not only conventional  education but includes practical how to be a mum.  How good is that?

What could I as a mature woman offer these girls? It was to show them that whatever happens…no matter what…it is possible to rise above it…transcend it…call it by whatever name you like. Life can still be amazing, productive and fabulous.

If my words this morning make a difference to one of those girls then I am thrilled. If they were to take one thing away from my presentation today it was to have self belief…and to step away from being a victim.

Yes, when you are challenged it is so easy to fall into ‘victimhood’ a place where you don’t have to (meaning avoidance) take responsibility for yourself or your actions. Someone else will look after you.

I am open to sharing my story, and more importantly how I stepped beyond it. There is no ‘right way’ I shared my way with compassion, tact and love and they responded.

Imagine the wisdom these girls are acquiring at such a young age . I am in awe of their courage, resilience and tenacity.

Imagine the confidence they will gain through their experiences…

wisdom and weeping and quiet confidence


Imagine the wisdom they will be able to impart to their children….yes they will be wide eyed with experience, shedding tears of joy as their wisdom becomes a catalyst for a better life.

I am the woman I am because of my life’s experiences…if in sharing not ‘the story’ but examples and strategies for moving forward whatever your life challenge happens to be…then my life purpose is on track.

Is this program delivering ‘Empowering pregnant girls and young mums through support and education to gain independence’.?

‘You betcha’… says me with confidence!


Wisdom if accumulated in any ways…I would love to hear your stories of wisdom gained, or share the wisdom of someone special to you.


Special Note…the images here are by courtesy of Larry Mann, do take a peek he is amazing. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Creative-Pictures-By-Larry-Mann/461021063967288


Warm regards Di…and what …you are asking… does this woman do?

I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

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