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If Women Liked Their Bodies…How Many Industries Would That Affect?


Last night I had dinner with a couple of girlfriends…and as you do we got talking.. bet that’s a surprise!  It was ‘focused’ talking, confidence talking actually…we are attending a ‘Great Gatsby Night’ next weekend so costume and accessories were the hot topic.

The Great Gatsby


Then we got to…well yes it was ‘me’…saying I have gained a little weight and my dress is a teensy bit firmer than it used to be…unless it shrunk in the wardrobe. Now there is a thought!

We progressed onto how women see their body image and how many of us make comparisons with the stick figures portrayed in the media. Just to enhance the effect many of us have been told over the years by partners, family, friends and educators that we were to tall or short, breasts too big or too small, too skinny or too fat, to blonde or too dark, talented or not talented.

On consideration I think Coco Chanel had it right! She was her own person and had an unfailing belief in herself and her abilities.

My experience was firstly my Dad who was not keen on women being educated, not keen on me and certainly never expressed a supportive loving statement as I was growing up. Compounding that my sister 10 years older told me repeatedly that I would be  ‘big and fat’. Why you ask…because at the age of 14, I was wearing her size 10 dresses when she was 24 and had 2 children.  And let’s not forget the media…


people like to bring up your past framed


I thought this phrase rather apt to the discussion!


That phrase from my sister  has simmered away in the back of my mind since then…and the voices in your head…you know the ones…in one ear it says ‘you are fine’ in the other ear it says ‘who are you kidding? You are gaining a little weight…next thing you know you will be’ … yes,  you know what I am going to say ‘big and fat.




So lets be realistic for a moment…I am 5.10, tall and slim ( NOT skinny), and true I can’t fit into some of my clothes. Again realistically when I bought those clothes I was seriously underweight (a by product of grief).

However I am now at a stable slim weight but at this age of well… 60 + postage and handling… that little voice started niggling away and ‘she’ broke through last night.

During the day this image popped up on Facebook,  it is amazing how things flow …


Women liking their bodies...how many industries would that affect


It got me thinking…I know I am not the only woman who bemoans her body in some way. Just think for a moment about all the industries that make squillions of $$$$ based on women’s fashion and personal care.

They have a vested interest in keeping us thinking, doubting, worrying, buying, trying everything under the sun.

What if tomorrow women woke up and decided that they really liked their bodies…..

Sure this woman in the image is slim, however she is partly hidden, in shadows and light. We can’t see if she has  stretch marks, cellulite. a tummy or saggy breasts…we instinctively see young + slim = gorgeous. We instinctively compare ourselves to what we perceive is under that sheer fabric and in the process find ourselves lacking in some way.

Girls we are all beautiful, we all have some beautiful aspects and some not so gorgeous ones… that is what makes us real. Remember when you speak YOU are listening. What are you telling yourself?

If you focus on the energy and intention of this image suggesting sensuality, the promise of what is to come…what is unsaid…my question is. Are you open to it? The power of self love is boundless.

If we woke tomorrow and decided we really liked our bodies…would we need new clothes, diets, visits to the gym, coaches? I wonder what that would feel like if it was a global movement.

What would happen to the multiple industries that support women aiming to look good, look better, look fabulous?

Do you feel confident to say ‘I am fabulous right now’?

Love to hear what you are thinking about your body…and the journey you have been travelled. Your sharing can help others, we all love to hear stories.

Warm regards Di…


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