…and forget the keyboard!

 Personality is not a usual association handwriting is it? I tend to think of  personality as your confidence, character and values…an outer representation of who you are.  Your words, written in your handwriting, expressing your thoughts say a lot more than the mere words that appear on the paper.

It seems to be a recent theme with me banging on about handwriting, and sharing my gems of ‘active encouragement’ aka ‘punishment’ when writing with my left hand as a child. Instances that gave me ample ‘opportunity for self growth’…it certainly helped with the blood flow to my knuckles and legs!

You may recall my comment  about the friends who used to ‘take a few sittings to decipher my letters.’ I was speaking to them this week after they  read the blog and they diplomatically expressed  ‘how wonderful it was that I now typed’. And I confidently replied ‘thank you darlings… or words to that effect!’

But I digress…What has prompted me to come back to handwriting today is that two of my current coaching clients are using writing and personal expression with great effect to meet their current challenges.

So it is on my mind…that we often say, do and perform as we think others want us to in relationships, professionally and in the community. We bury ourselves, our confidence, our personality in an effort to conform. Worse we bury our thoughts and feelings denying them expression and we allow them to bubble and  fester inside creating chaos and at worst illness.

 glass pen help to write with conidence



By ‘writing’ I actually mean with a pen in your hand … your handwriting. Yes… to actually  write when you are doing process work or journaling…NOT TYPING. When you write your thoughts flow from your mind, to the heart and out of your hand in one flowing movement. That connection gives a  stronger power and connection to your thoughts and words. Your unique personality, confidence and character shine through.

I find writing before going to bed best, it sets the subconscious mind working for you over night…and allows the Universe to respond. I find it creates peace in my mind as I drift off. When you can create that space and carry it with you it has an amazing effect on every area of your life. .

 Writing first thing in the morning I find next best, it clears your head of ‘stuff’ – a tip I learned from Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’. This is especially effective when you have life challenges around you. You know that feeling when thoughts and chaos flood into your mind the minute you open your eyes…cal it a ‘brain dump’…and release it from your mind and body.

You really can create moments and pockets of joy and peace in amongst total chaos. I find when there is a drama in life the first thing to go is your sense of fun, light and laughter.

Now it is easy to say to clients do A,B and C…. I use all the tools I teach and this year I have had more than one opportunity for self growth i.e. to practice what I preach.  The sudden death of mystep daughter, a health challenge and a personality challenge to name a few..Just like confidence, life ebbs and flows  – just when we think we are sorted…the Universe comes along with another opportunity…just to check that we are listening.

Alec confidence

Back to hand writing….and sharing a personal experience. I have hand written family letters that speak to me far beyond the words written on the paper. I can feel the personality of the writer… my mother in particular.

Her brother, my Uncle who I never knew… went to New Guinea during WW2 and did not return…I can feel him speaking to Mum through his letters…the connection is deeper.  I feel his personality as and the turn of phrase used in the 1940’s is so different to today.

Confidence for the young

Last year I found letters my 40 year old son had written to his grandmother when he was a youngster. Words crossed out as he spelt and mis-spelled words  as he was learning to express himself.

And how I love to let my thoughts of joy and gratitude flow for no particular reason. That’s when I play with my pens and real ink. Yes a fountain pen I received as a prize in 45 years ago, a quill pen with a gorgeous red (has to be reds they go faster) feather…and my newest one a glass pen…what a delight. All ways for me to encourage open expression of my inner thoughts….I write as I speak and my personality jumps off the pages.

I would love you to respond…to hear your experiences of writing and journaling…what works for you? Your thoughts might just help someone in need.


Warm regards Di…and what …you are asking… does this woman do?

I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

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